Xbox Live Is Down For The Third Time This Month

Microsoft is again having difficulty keeping its servers working as Xbox Live is reported to be down the third time in a week. The problems range in type and are not affecting all players now, with issues mainly relating to multiplayer matchmaking and certain social features. In a recent tweet, Xbox Support has indicated that they are aware of the problems and currently working on a fix with updates to come as they unfold.

The problems appear to be caused primarily by the added stress placed on Xbox Live’s core infrastructure for online play. As more and more people remain at home to help limit the spread of Covid-19, the number of players using their Xbox One consoles rises as well to levels that are typically unseen.

These challenges in maintaining the infrastructure necessary to accommodate the unexpected surge in users is a perfect example of what lies ahead for other organizations in the coming months. While no one can predict exactly what will happen with Covid-19, we may have only a few months of social distancing, or waves of infection over the next year.

As research continues on a vaccine to prevent the spread of the disease, people will continue to remain at home and use the resources at their disposal, so Microsoft may need to examine how it will prop up its infrastructure in the future, because three interruptions in a week does not bode well for the coming months.

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