WW2 RTS Final Assault Storms Onto PSVR Next Week

Sony’s PSVR indie streak keeps on going; Phaser Lock Interactive’s Final Assault hits the headset next week.

The World War 2-era VR real-time strategy game (RTS) arrives on PSVR on March 31. This version of the game will feature cross-play with the previously-released PC VR versions too. Cross-play between consoles and PC is a great way to ensure you’ll find players to face off with online.

Not only that but the launch is accompanied by new units, maps and customization options. These features will also be implemented into the PC VR version of the game. They’ll add to the base game, in which you can challenge friends to 1 vs 1 matches in which you guide units through maps, leading an all-out assault on the enemy base.

We were quite fond of Final Assault when it arrived on other platforms. While simple, the incredible detail and fun matches make it easy to recommend.

“Final Assault is not nearly as elaborate or detailed a game as the original Warcraft: Orcs & Humans was for its time, and it probably won’t make the same waves in VR that the former made for the traditional RTS genre,” we wrote. “However, it’s safe to say that what we’ve reached is something akin to the Advance Wars of VR; Final Assault successfully establishes a powerful set of VR strategy mechanics that are instantly enjoyable, delivering equivocal depth and a permeating sense of awe.”

Whats more, we’ve tried the game on PSVR before and found it runs basically just as well as the PC VR version.

Will you be picking up Final Assault on PSVR? Let us know in the comments below!

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