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Covenant Adventures are the fourth iteration of offline progression that began back in Warlords of Draenor with Garrison Missions. If you have experienced either Garrison, Class Hall, or War Campaign Missions from any of the past three expansions, you’ll have a good idea of the purpose of Covenant Adventures. While you engage with them the same way as Missions, Covenant Adventures require a higher level of strategy and offer greater rewards. Once you’ve completed the campaign and chosen your covenant, you’ll want to start working on your Covenant Adventures right away so you can start earning rewards. Here is everything you need to know about Covenant Adventures in WoW: Shadowlands.

How To Unlock Covenant Adventures

Before you can access Covenant Adventures you first need to complete the Shadowlands Campaign and choose a covenant. If you aren’t certain which one to pick, we have a guide that may help you decide.

As part of the introduction to your covenant, you’ll be guided to the Anima Reservoir where you can deposit anima and redeemed souls in order to unlock covenant upgrades. After you’ve earned some anima by completing World Quests and collected some redeemed souls in the Maw, you’ll be able to unlock The Command Table and begin participating in Covenant Adventures.

How To Do Covenant Adventures

Covenant Adventures are like War Campaign Missions mixed with Autochess. First, head to the Scouting Map at your covenant. From there you can choose which adventure to send your team on. Each mission has a different reward, length (in hours), and difficulty. Shorter adventures are typically four hours and reward things like reputation, gold, crafting materials, anima, gear, Soul Ash, and campaign progress.

Generally speaking, Soul Ash and campaign progress are the highest priority rewards. You should of course do whichever ones you need the most, and shorter adventures are definitely better if you’re able to claim them and start new ones right away. The reason Soul Ash is so valuable is that earning this currency in Torghast is capped to a certain amount each week and you need a lot of it to craft legendary weapons and armor. Campaign progress will unlock additional rewards from adventures and is always worth doing if your units are strong enough.

To start a mission, you need to have at least one soulbind or ally avaiable. When you start, you will only have one soulbind unlocked and thus, you can only complete one adventure at a time. By advancing the covenant campaign and earning Renown, you can unlock two additional soulbinds that can be used to do separate missions or join in on the same one for more power.

You can also unlock allies that can be used in place of/in addition to soulbinds. There are six allies that can be unlocked through Renown and an additional ten that can be rescued from Torghast. Progressing through Torghast will give you the ability to complete additional missions.

In addition to soulbinds and allies, you can fill in your adventures with expendable troops. You can send a total of five units out on a mission, so it is typically advantageous to fill any open spots you have with troops.

Winning Covenant Adventures

Each unit, be they soulbind, ally, or troop, has a number of unique abilities that affect teammates and enemies. By placing your five units strategically on the board, you can counter enemy abilities and almost always ensure success.

The biggest key to success is simply determining whether or not your units are strong enough to win. Both sides of the board will show a health number and a damage number. The health number is simply all of the health values for the units on that team added together. The damage number is a representation of each team’s damage, but it seems to add in healing values, so it might not be the best representation of the group’s actual strength.

When deciding what units to use and where to put them, you want to look at the abilities of both the enemy units and your friendly units. If, for example, an enemy has an ability that lets the do X amount of damage to the furthest adjacent target every two turns, you will want to avoid putting a low-health troop in the furthest adjacent spot on the board.

Just because your health or attack is lower than your enemies doesn’t mean you will win. The inverse is also true, having the highest attack won’t guarantee you a victory. You need to examine each enemy, understand their abilities, and place your units appropriately. If enemies get stronger when they kill your units, it might not be smart for you to put in cheap troops that are just going to get killed easily and buff the enemies.

If you aren’t strong enough for an adventure, let it go and wait for it to come back in a few days. Your soulbinds and allies will level up after every adventure, become stronger and earning new abilities. You may have to wait until you unlock additional allies through Renown or Torghast before taking on the hardest challenges. If you’re unsure if your team will win, it’s best not to waste time on it and instead focus on easier adventures that will level up your team.

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