Worried About Burn-In On The OLED Switch? YouTuber Discovers When It Finally Happens

Nintendo launched its OLED Switch last year and along with the excitement that comes with a bigger screen with a better quality image, there are also some understandable concerns. One of the leading concerns for those with knowledge of OLED technology was the risk of something called burn-in. That's elements of what you see on the screen remaining there because they have been on the screen for so long, effectively being burned into the screen itself.

YouTuber Bob Wulff decided to put that to the test, attempting to find out if burn-in is really something Switch OLED owners should be worried about. After 1800 hours focused on one frame of Breath Of The Wild, Wulff discovered absolutely no signs of burn-in. The YouTuber is now back with an update after 3600 hours on that same screen.

Turns out after 3600 hours focused on the same image without a break, the Switch OLED will start to show some faint signs of burn-in. That's 150 straight days without being turned off or altered at all. Suffice to say, if you own the console and you were worried about burn-in, you can probably rest easy. Even if you're playing hours of a game with a UI that rarely/never changes, it's going to take you a very long time until your screen suffers any sort of burn-in.

Even after 3600 hours, you can see in Wulff's video above that the burn-in is so slight that it isn't going to hinder you playing different games. In fact, the YouTuber plans to continue their experiment to see just how long it will take for the burn-in to become so severe that other games would become unplayable. They predict it will take another 1800 hours, so sit tight and we'll likely see an update around 75 days from now.

While burn-in is certainly nothing you will need to worry about, cracking the screen should be something that concerns you. You may have noticed your Switch OLED has a protective film over its screen. Whatever you do, don't remove it. It's called anti-scattering adhesive film and helps to reduce the risk of the screen scratching and even breaking should you drop or knock the console.

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