Wolfenstein: The New Colossus – Every Contraption And Its Abilities

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus stands out as one of the best games associated with Bethesda. One of the title’s strongest assets is its compelling story that includes many twists and turns. At one point, things go very south for B.J Blazkowicz, but it allows Set Roth to build the hero an upgraded body.

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You get to assist in the re-build by choosing a contraption to go with the new frame – you can pick up the others later. There are three to choose from, and they all come with a different set of abilities, which suit distinct playstyles. If you’re struggling to decide which is right for you, here is the full rundown of each one.

Constrictor Harness

The Constrictor Harness enables you to make yourself smaller by compressing your torso. With a tiny body, you’re able to fit in places that a regular human can’t, which is handy if you’re trying to use stealth.

Those who don’t choose it as their initial contraption can find it in the Nuclear Bunker District in Manhattan during an Uberkommander mission.

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  • Iron Lung – This one doesn’t add anything new to your arsenal. Instead, it makes your Kobra ability better by increasing the time you can stay in a narrow place before taking damage. To get the upgrade, you need to complete Habib Ismail’s side mission on Eva’s Hammer.
  • Silent Step – As the name suggests, this ability makes your footsteps completely silent when walking, meaning no guard can hear you. You still make noise while running or jumping, but not as much as you do without this skill.
  • Kobra – This is the main function of the Constrictor Harness as it’s the one that allows you to crawl into narrow spaces. It’s easy to use as all you have to do is approach a small opening while crouched. Although, you need to watch out because if you stay too long in a tight space, you’ll start to take damage.
  • Terror-Billy – With the Terror-Billy ability, enemies freeze once they see you, which initiates a period of slow-motion that you can use to your advantage.

Battle Walker

Essentially, the Battle Walker is a set of giant stilts. However, the contraption is a little more advanced than two wooden sticks, as you can activate them at will while maintaining perfect balance. The main purpose of them is to gain access to seemingly impossible-to-reach places.

If you don’t select the Battle Walker during the initial contraption choice, then you can pick it up on Venus in the Transporthalle during a Uberkommander quest.


  • Quick Draw – There’s plenty of great weapons in Wolfenstein, and Quick Draw allows you to cycle through them more safely. To be more specific, the ability slows downtime when you’re in the weapon wheel.
  • Wanderer – The Wanderer ability is the Battle Walker’s primary function. With it, you double-tap the jump button to extend your legs and reach high-up platforms.
  • Stamina – Overcharged health is what you get when you pick up a recovery item when your HP is full. Normally overcharged health gradually drains, but with the Stamina ability, it doesn’t begin depleting until you take damage. To acquire this skill, you need to do the Irina Yakova side mission on Eva’s Hammer.
  • Adrenaline – With the Adrenaline ability, you get a health boost every time you kill an enemy.

Ram Shackles

If you like to make use of brute force, Ram Shackles is the contraption for you. It is a metal rig that reinforces your upper body, allowing you to run through seemingly indestructible obstacles, such as doors and walls.

To get it after selecting a different contraption, you need to travel to the Bienville Street District in New Orleans as part of an Uberkommander mission.

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  • Sturdy – Unsurprisingly, this one makes you more sturdy as with it, you no longer get knocked down by explosions.
  • Rammbock – This ability is the one that enables you to hurl yourself through walls and obstacles while sprinting, which is the main purpose of Ram Shackles.
  • Mechanic – With this skill, your armor naturally regenerates (if you have some), making you a lot harder to kill. You unlock it by completing Ritva Tuomivaara’s side mission on the Eva’s Hammer.
  • Cannon Arm – Cannon Arm improves you’re throwing ability. So you’re able to fling grenades and hatchets further and with more velocity.

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