We All Might Be Saying Lady Dimitrescu’s Name Wrong, Even Capcom

Ever since the tall vampire lady started ripping out and breaking hearts in the Resident Evil Village teaser trailer, we’ve all been worshipping her as the goddess she is. Lady Dimitrescu’s loyal fans have done it all: drawn fanart, cosplayed her, calculated her height—heck, one weird site even researched how safe it would be to have her sit on you—and yet all of us have been disrespecting the queen.

When Capcom revealed her true name, we all just assumed it was pronounced how it looks: “Lady Dim-a-tresk-u.” Right? Well, according to the official Resident Evil Showcase a few days ago, we’ve all been saying it wrong. In the broadcast, the host pronounced the name much differently than what fans had expected, and she was later questioned about this on twitter.

That’s right, according to Capcom, her name is actually pronounced “Lady Deem-ah-trisque.” And let’s be honest, that’s a better fit.

So, is that the debate settled then? Not quite. As Dimitrescu is actually a Romanian name, Romanian speakers in the replies pointed out that fans were not far off, and they would pronounce it “Lady Dimi-tres-cu.” This is much the same to the assumed pronunciation, just a little more emphasis on the “cu” at the end.

Whatever the answer is, it’s a name that will be on our lips for some time to come. Before she’s even appeared in a released Resident Evil game, the tall vampire lady of our hearts has all but confirmed her status as an iconic character in the long running horror series. Her explosion in popularity has also guaranteed she’ll be a long-lasting figure in the gaming community as a whole.

And don’t Capcom know it. The developers have been almost disturbingly forthcoming with information, revealing her height and her… shoe size. I guess when everyone’s lusting over a woman who probably smells of the rotting flesh she eats, there isn’t a whole lot of room for judgement.

To get back to the actual video game, Resident Evil Village is set to release May 7, and will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Stadia.

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