Watch: 20 Minutes Of Fracked Gameplay

Wondering how PSVR exclusive Fracked actually plays? Our demo gameplay gives you some idea.

Fracked aims to be a fast-paced experience that users can play from the comfort of their own chair. How is nDreams able to pull off that sense of speed with that setup? Watch the video below with over 20 minutes of gameplay to find out.

For starters, Fracked has to be played using two Move motion controllers. Obviously, the Moves don’t have analog sticks for players to walk with. Instead, you’ll tilt your free hand to walk, which works pretty well considering you won’t need to use that hand for aiming during combat.

But the game’s also filled with design choices that really make sense for VR. Grabbing onto cover to lean in and out feels intuitive, as do the familiar climbing sections. The skiing, meanwhile, works by simply tilting your head and makes for some really fun, fast-paced segments.

Fracked is launching August 20 on PSVR. You can find out more release details here. Stay tuned to Upload Access, too, as we’ll have plenty more on the game coming right up.

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