VR Survival Game Song In The Smoke Releases This Month

Add another game to the list of VR titles releasing this month: 17-Bit’s Song in the Smoke launches soon.

The VR survival game will arrive on Oculus Quest, PSVR and Oculus Rift on September 18. No word on a SteamVR-specific release just yet.

The news was revealed in a Japan-focused indie game showcase named asobu earlier today. Song in the Smoke features a lot of traditional elements you’d expect from a survival game like resource gathering, hunting and item crafting, allowing you to make tools to fend off the game’s threats. You’ll also interact with an ecosystem-focused AI system, which determines how creatures might react based on a variety of factors.

You might find it easier to hunt a calm creature, for example, whilst a hungry one may prove far more erratic and troublesome. You can learn a lot more about the game in a developer diary we debuted as part of the Upload VR Showcase in June. New gameplay in today’s stream saw a player crafting an arrowhead and getting up close to some of the more dangerous inhabitants of the game’s lush environments.

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Are you going to be picking up Song in the Smoke? Let us know in the comments below!

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