VR Cover For Oculus Quest 2 Now Available For Pre-Order

A customizable facial interface and foam replacement set from VR Cover is now available for pre-order for Oculus Quest 2.

The Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set promises an upgrade on Oculus Quest 2 “hygiene, comfort and immersion” with a “passively ventilated facial interface, 2 PU leather foam replacements in different thicknesses and a light-blocking silicone nose guard,” according to VR Cover.

We’ll have a review of the accessory as soon as possible, but it’s available for pre-order now on the official Oculus website for $29 and, unlike Oculus Quest 2 itself, at the time of this writing, the accessory is still listed as shipping in October.

The product is pitched as having “vents added along the top to maintain good air circulation and reduce the build-up of heat and moisture that can fog up the lenses. Users will benefit from fewer interruptions to remove their device for a wipe down,” according to VR Cover. There are two variations of the insert, either standard or comfort to choose from.

Put the facial interface together with the foam and it replaces the stock interface on Oculus Quest 2.

VR Cover has been around for years and its accessories are generally well known amongst early adopters. So far, Facebook has partnered with Logitech and VR Cover in offering “Oculus Ready” accessories for its newest VR headset. VR Cover is also planning a lens cover for Oculus Quest 2 it’ll sell in sets from October on the company’s own website.

We’ve already reviewed Oculus Quest 2 as well as the official Elite Strap, with lots more coverage planned for the weeks ahead. We’ll have thoughts for you soon about VR Cover’s latest accessory and check back at UploadVR.com for all the latest news.

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