VALORANT Producer Confirms More Ranked Changes Coming to Combat Smurfs

More changes will be coming to VALORANT’s competitive matchmaking in order to combat annoying smurf accounts, a Riot producer confirmed on Reddit earlier this week. According to game producer Sara “npcSara” Dadafshar, these changes will be coming in the “next patch.”

The issue was brought up on a post regarding an increase in smurf accounts. A recent VALORANT update made it so players could only queue up together for competitive matches if they stood within three ranks of each other, down from the previous six-rank rule. The post claims that this rule resulted in even more smurf accounts being made.

Reddit user Nochange36 posits a change to the ranked access requirements, which currently requires players to play ten games before they can queue for competitive matches. “They need to change the rank queue requirement from 10 games to 10 wins,” the user says, explaining that this would see smurfs starting out closer to their true level as they won’t be throwing games to get them over with quickly.

NpcSara replies to this comment, saying, “we’ll be doing this in the next patch.” It’s unclear exactly what the changes will be, though they may closely follow the idea laid out by Nochange36. Requiring ten wins before allowing players to access ranked queue would discourage many high ranked players from smurfing.

The next VALORANT patch will be patch 1.13, which does not have a confirmed release date.

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