VALORANT Player Finds Eight Glitched Sova Drone Spots

Reddit user Vehementtoast has found eight glitched spots where Sova’s drone can fly out-of-bounds in various VALORANT maps. These bugged areas allow the drone to fly under the map itself, going undetected by enemies while still scoping out their locations. The glitches are being looked at by the game’s devs, according to developer Rycoux’s comment on the Reddit post.

The first glitch spot shown in the video is on Haven, near the A bombsite. By firing the drone into the A link wall, the drone can fly under the map and look up into the site, completely undetected by invading enemies. Haven has another glitched spot, this time in Mid. Again by firing the drone down at the wall, it can fly under the map in Middle. The video shows the drone flying through Mid and into Garage, all while seemingly undetected.

The next glitch shown is on Bind, near B Long. Placing yourself in the corner of the boxes near Attacker spawn and firing the drone at the wall allows you to traverse under Middle. As seen in the video, the drone can see through the walls into Hookah as well. Two more spots outside Bind’s A bombsite allow you to do the same.

The other glitch spots include outside Bind’s Middle hallway in Attacker spawn, outside Bind’s B site, and outside Ascent’s A site. Each glitch location allows the player to send Sova’s drone under the map and peer up through the ground.

Sova’s drone, part of his basic ability Owl Drone, is used to scope out and tag enemies with a recon dart, though it is meant to do so above ground. The drone also makes a noticeable sound cue when flying through the air. Enemies can shoot down the drone when they spot it, destroying the machine and taking that ability away from the spying Sova.

The glitches have not yet been fixed by Riot, though a VALORANT developer did comment on the Reddit post. “Thanks for the video,” says Rycoux, “[we’ll] look at fixing these for the next patch coming up.”

VALORANT patch 1.11 went live today, though these glitches were not included in the bug fixes. Hopefully a quick fix will go out soon to remedy this issue.

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