VALORANT Data Miner Leaks Unreleased Candy Cane Melee, Winter Wonderland Skins

Popular VALORANT data miner ValorLeaks has unveiled some unreleased weapon skins potentially coming soon to the game. Winter and Christmas-themed skins look to be on the way, as the leaker revealed a new candy cane melee option and a Winter Wonderland skin bundle that reacts to light.

ValorLeaks posted their findings on Twitter, including four variants of the candy cane melee skins, the BlastX skin bundle, and glimpses at the Winter Wonderland skin bundle. The candy cane melee skins are just that, giant candy canes that you can presumably hit enemies with to take them down. They come in four color variants: classic red and white, green and white, blue and white, and rainbow.

The BlastX bundle resembles toy guns, with brightly colored components making up the weapons. The skins come in a couple color variants, though all maintain their bright hues. The skin collection includes the Phantom, Odin, Frenzy, and melee. The collection’s finisher animation shows the fallen enemy getting wrapped up in a large gift box.

The Winter Wonderland collection may be the most detailed skins to hit VALORANT’s servers. The skins appear see-through, with a snow-covered winter town locked in place within the weapons. The skins react to light, with the town appearing in daylight when you’re in light, and turning to nighttime when you’re in the shadows. The buildings’ windows light up in the darkness, as do the Christmas lights strung up on the houses. The collection includes skins for the Ghost, Phantom, Vandal, and Marshall.

ValorLeaks also reveals some further upcoming skin collections, called Magepunk, Outpost, Aerosol, Infinity, and Blueberry. A gun buddy, Judge, Operator, and Phantom are shown in some unreleased variants, though ValorLeaks does not confirm which skin goes with which collection name.

None of these skins have been confirmed by Riot Games. They are all yet to be added to the game; holiday-themed skins may be added closer to Christmas.

VALORANT patch 1.14 went live today, bringing in changes to Sage’s Barrier Orb wall, an overhaul for newest map Icebox, and new competitive queue requirements. A snowball fight game mode was also announced, which will be officially added on December 15th.

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