Unused Voice Clip From The Last Of Us Part 1 Explains What Tendrils Are

HBO's The Last Of Us appears to be an incredibly faithful adaptation. There will be differences between the games and the show, though. Spores won't be an issue, and a deep dive into The Last Of Us's history has revealed what to expect from what will seemingly replace them.

Craig Mazin confirmed spores will not be an issue in the show. Mazin's explanation makes sense as viewers might find it hard to believe anyone survived the virus with clouds of spores everywhere. Neil Druckmann followed up by mentioning tendrils, and it turns out the replacement for spores is something that was sort of in the games all along.

Tendrils were there the whole time but never really explained or even used. A scrapped voice clip from the first game, discovered by Ceraphyte, features an explanation as to what exactly tendrils are. Appendages that grow out of the fungus and snap back when touched, potentially with enough force to break someone's arm.

Early concept art for the first game has also been shared on Reddit, further showing tendrils have been a part of The Last Of Us all along, they just haven't been mentioned by name or used to further the plot or the games' mechanics. In the descriptions alongside the art, it's revealed tendrils are wrapped around the heads of the infected and slither along the ground in search of new hosts. There's the new way people will potentially become infected in the show.

With just six days to go until episode one debuts on HBO, the reveals about the show have very much moved on from what will be the same to what will be different. How Ellie's mom, who was never shown in the games, has been incporated into the story has been explained, and a lot more of Joel and Sarah's story will be told before, well, no spoilers here, but those of you who have played the first game know what happens.

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