Universal Studios Japan Hangs New Decorations For Super Nintendo World’s Grand Opening

Super Nintendo World may have received another crushing delay of its grand opening, but that hasn’t stopped Universal Studios Japan from redecorating in anticipation. Various photos have emerged of the attraction’s Super Mario-themed banners that have begun flying at the Osaka resort.

Thanks to a small handful of Twitter users, we can see Universal’s decorations scattered within the Japanese resort – exciting breadcrumbs teasing the extension’s imminent arrival. One user, “usj_adventure” showed an image of an oval-shaped Mario plaque hanging from the entrance arch to Universal Studios. Another – from the same user – showed banners hanging from lamp posts within the park – featuring our favorite Goomba. Lastly, an image from “mikkoobscura” showed a wider shot of the studio’s entrance, but this time we can see more banners at the sides, featuring Yoshi and Bowser Jr in addition to a Goomba.

Accompanying the Nintendo-themed banners and signs were others highlighting Universal Studios Japan’s 20th anniversary. 2021 marks 20 years of business for the eastern resort, and the opening of Super Nintendo World is a wonderful way to commemorate the anniversary. In addition, the park will be hosting various anniversary-themed events throughout the year – pandemic permitting – and the resort itself has adopted a new theme titled “No Limit!” – which hints at more exciting experiences to come for future customers.

The grand opening of Super Nintendo World received another delay recently which shattered its intended February 4 arrival. Osaka, Japan entered into a state of emergency because of the ongoing pandemic, and unfortunately, a new grand opening date was not confirmed. Universal’s continuation of decorating and holding soft opens suggests that progress is still being made in anticipation of the park’s big reveal – which may now be pushed back to a Spring/Summer opening. The park’s opening may also coincide with the overdue Tokyo Olympics; however, both events will only go forward once Covid-related restrictions are eased.

Super Nintendo World’s most talked about attraction is the Mario Kart ride, which recently had a few lucky guests take it for a test drive. Attendees of Universal Studios Japan were randomly selected to participate in the park’s soft openings, which began including the Mario Kart ride this week. Various other corners of the park were also given soft openings, which officials call “rehearsals”.

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