Ultimate bed for video game fans so convenient you never have to get up

A firm has created the ultimate bed for video game-obsessed couch potatoes.

They can buy the sofa-cum-bed set up for just under £1,000.

The furniture includes a built-in desk for a TV and gaming equipment and a comfy bean bag bed with headphones.

There is also a side table, bottle rack, controller basket and ‘energy wagon’ set of drawers so lazy gamers can keep their drinks and snacks close to hand.

And it has a special arm that holds a smartphone or tablet so users don’t even have to hold their devices for themselves.

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The piece of furniture means video game fans will hardly have to move during the day, with everything at their fingertips.

Japanese company Bauhütte, which designs gaming furniture, is flogging the high-end product for around £920.

The description says: “I wake up and move from my bed to my desk.

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“Why is that so complicated? Gaming beds solve this problem.

“Elevated headboard that adds functional storage to the bedside and bed desk that can be set at the foot of a single bed.

“As soon as you get up, you can watch a game or animation and realise a life cycle of falling asleep without difficulty."

The firm is also selling an all-in-one velour gaming suit which has a slit in each side of the hood for a headset.

And it even has a large zip across its bottom for easy access when it comes to using the toilet.

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