Twitter User Discovers How To Never Break A Tool In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Breaking tools and having to rebuild them time and time again in Animal Crossing: New Horizons might be one of the more tedious aspects of the game. Thanks to a discovery made by a Twitter user named Jenda though, it looks like there’s a trick that’ll keep you from breaking your tools ever again.

The secret is to stock up on customization kits, because it turns out these kits are useful for much more than simply changing the color of your tools. Good tools will break after 30 uses, but if you use a customization kit on a tool at any time before it breaks, it will receive a brand new item ID and completely repair itself.

It’s also important to note that using your tool without accomplishing anything won’t cause any damage to it. If you dig random holes, or fail to catch a fish, it won’t count against the durability of your shovel or fishing rod.

Customization tools are even cheaper than flimsy tools, so it’s certainly worth your while to pick a few up. Maybe this will be the end of Tom Nook’s nephews ripping off every villager they possibly can.

Gathering resources is one of the most important aspects of Animal Crossing, so getting the most out of your tools is essential. Thanks to another great discovery from the game’s community, we can go about our island-building without having to worry about recrafting our tools time and time again.

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