Twitch Is Offering A Fat Black Chocobo Mount In Final Fantasy 14 Through Gifting Subscriptions

Square Enix has teamed up with Twitch to offer the Fat Black Chocobo mount in Final Fantasy 14 as a reward for gifting subscriptions.

The collaboration will be running from June 24 to August 24 and asks players to gift four subscriptions for eligible channels to get the mount. Doing so will get you the Fat Black Chocobo Whistle item, which you can then use to summon the big bird.

The gifted subscription has to be to a specific list of Final Fantasy 14 content creators and has to be done whilst they’re playing the game. The full list of eligible Twitch channels can be found on this Final Fantasy 14 news post and there are several choices for each language.

If the Fat Black Chocobo looks familiar to you, that’s because this isn’t the first time it has been included as a mount in the game. It was previously included as part of the 2019 Amazon summer promotions and was infamously made available for eating a large amount of KFC in China.

The KFC promotion was jokingly called “one of the most challenging raids in Final Fantasy 14” due to how limited the codes initially seemed to be. KFC eventually upped the number of codes after seeing how many people were rushing out to get KFC. Even then, the requirements to get the Fat Black Chocobo had players eating a family meal and only being allowed to dine in. Players found it so difficult that some started trying to come up with strategies for eating the whole meal, which made it seem like a real-life raid.

Although the specifics of gifting subscriptions are a little rigid considering the streamers have to be playing the game at the time, at least you won’t have to be eating your weight in KFC to get the mount. We have to be completely honest and say that the Fat Black Chocobo mount is far greater than the previous collaboration mount, the Chocorpokkur. It’s the encouraging cabbage being used as a lead that tips the scales.

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