Tribes Of Midgard: 5 Tips For Beating Fenrir

While Norsefell’s Tribes of Midgard did'nt have the best of critical reception at launch, constant updates have made the game so much better than before. With the seasonal update, the Saga mode has received a new boss in the form of Fenrir.

This giant wolf holds an important place in the Norse mythos, and is a fierce enemy that will make short work of any raiding party that’s not prepared with the best gear and knowledge for the fight. This guide will give you useful tips and tricks that should help in defeating this giant enemy.

Harvesting Resources Is The Best Preparation

While this may seem like a no-brainer to some, harvesting resources is one of the most important things in Tribes of Midgard that shouldn’t be overlooked at any time. Right from the moment you start your journey, you will need to collect flint and branches to craft basic tools.

Over time though, it’s easy to ignore resource collection as you try to fend off your village from the wrath of towering Jotunns — but doing that will make the late-game and by extension, the Fenrir boss fight, harder for you.

Avoid Using Elemental Weapons In Battle

Fenrir is a mighty beast that has multiple resistances to elemental effects, so relying on elemental weapon buffs wouldn’t help in this fight.

As such, it’s important for your party to have legendary weapons that have high core stats by your side. Of course, crafting them requires rare resources and more of them, so pay heed to the very first tip once again.

It’s also recommended that you have backup weapons with considerably strong stats to fall back on, since it’s also possible that your preferred armament’s durability wanes down, and it breaks mid-battle.

Using bows and other ranged weaponry for the fight is also a great tactic.

Watch Out For The Earthquake Attack!

Much like the many Jotunns and enemies you faced in your adventures up to this point, Fenrir is also an enemy that’s a test of your endurance rather than pure skill.

Most of its attacks are clearly and distinctly telegraphed, but you should keep an eye out for the beast’s Earthquake attack in particular. This attack will rain down boulders from the arena, and when that happens, simply retreat and save yourself from damage.

Once the attack finishes, get back into the fight and start chipping away at its health bar.

Sticking To The Back Is A Great Option

Fenrir has around a handful of major attacks, but most of them are performed from its front side of the body. So if you try to stick to the back side of Fenrir’s body, you can easily avoid many attacks. In turn, this will give you more opportunities to keep chopping down its massive health bar.

Making judicial use of these tips and tricks will help you down Fenrir, and finally complete the Saga campaign which will net you some important rewards for permanent player progression.

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