Triangle Strategy: Chapter 9, Part 1 – Voting Guide

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  • Main Story: Whiteholm Castle
  • Main Story: Whiteholm Castle and Castle Wolffort
  • Side Story: Twinsgate
  • Side Story: Wolffort Harbor
  • Side Story: The Source
  • Main Story: Castle Wolffort
  • Exploration and Voting Event: Wolffort Castle Town
  • Convincing Anna

For those of us lucky enough to live in the real world, they say variety is the spice of life. In medieval societies such as Triangle Strategy's, it's enough to hope there's salt on the table. The first half of the game's ninth chapter culminates in a decision to either work alongside a corrupted salt lord or abide by a forced promise to do otherwise.

No new mental mock battles appear just yet, nor has the merchant restocked his wares. Stay on top of your Character Stories, though. You may still have several optional recruits to bring into the Wolffort fold.

If you surrendered Prince Roland earlier, he will now rejoin the ranks. Time spent rotting in gaol hasn't afforded him the chance to level up at all, so put the prince through his paces in the 'Take Back the Ship' mental mock battle to bring him up to snuff.

Main Story: Whiteholm Castle

Dead alleged princes tell no tales, but Trish and Travis are grateful for their trinkets.

Main Story: Whiteholm Castle and Castle Wolffort

Cordelia declares her intent. Roland dons his mask.

Side Story: Twinsgate

There's not left to Dragan's face, and Lord Svarog's none-too-pleased.

Side Story: Wolffort Harbor

Anna's nonsense senses are tingling.

Side Story: The Source

One could cry a veritable lake of salt at Sorsley's cruelty.

Main Story: Castle Wolffort

The story-centric semi-chapter continues as Frederica and Serenoa contemplate the meaning of their union and Sorsley dispatches a missive to House Wolffort.

Exploration and Voting Event: Wolffort Castle Town

'Dwindling Light' follows 'A Soul upon The Scales' in combining voting with exploration. You're given the option to step outside into the castle town, which you should of course take in order to find items, shop with the merchant, and engage in Conviction Conversations.


Timber x3Inside the house near the merchant, by the beds.
Quality StoneInside the house near the merchant, behind the cat.
Ranged HP Recovery PelletSearch the blue stall at the center of town.
Red AnkletSearch the shield at the southeastern edge of the map.
OakIn front of the green stall.
Ice AmuletEnter the Ministry of Medicine and search the first bed on the left.
600 CoinsIn front of the centermost large plant in the Ministry of Medicine.


The merchant in this chapter has quite a stock of wares. You should grab every weapon upgrade material you can since as you've no doubt noted by now, the game keeps a pretty tight leash on the upgrade economy. Partake in a mental mock battle to accrue some extra cash if necessary. One or two ranged elemental stones of each type can also go a long way.

Large HP Recovery Pellet50010
Ranged HP Recovery Pellet7505
Ranged Firestone6005
Ranged Windstone6005
Oil Jug10010
Large Oil Jug30010
Swift Spice10010
Precise Spice10010
Evasion Spice10010
Deswift Spice10010
Unprecise Spice10010
Disevasion Spice10010
Accuracy Ring15003
Evasion Ring15003
Speed Ring15003
Fire Amulet20001
Ice Amulet20001
Lightning Amulet20001
Wind Amulet20001
Quality Iron4502
Quality Stone4502
Quality Timber4502
Quality Fiber4502

Conviction Choices

Conviction Choice: Hyzantian Soldier
I did not think it possible to amass such riches under Hyzante's system of equality. I do hope Minister Sorsley is not giving more than he can afford…Utility
Thanks to him, we can rebuild our town. Please tell him that we will not forget his generosity.Liberty
Before that, there is something I would know. What do you think of Minister Sorsley as his vassal?Morality
Conviction Choice: Wolffort Soldier
Please, say no more. I would be loath to lie to my own soldiers…Morality
All we do, we do for Wolffort. I ask that you keep observations like these to yourself.Utility
…This is proof of his resolve, one which I will support with all my might.Liberty

Voting Phase

And now for the main event. Will you see House Wolffort through the moral ambiguity of working alongside Sorsley? Or will you attempt to report his wrongdoings directly to Hyzante? Here's how to make Serenoa's friends see the value of each approach.

Participant Leanings
Work with SorsleyRoland, Hughette, Geela
Report SorsleyFrederica, Benedict, Erador

For the time being, this page will center on Anna, the undecided vote who will tip the scale in either direction even if no one else is spoken with. Once we have further information on the intricacies of how the Morality, Liberty, and Utility system operates in Chapter 9, we will update this section accordingly. You should be fine through just Anna in the meantime!

Convincing Anna

Work with Sorsley

  • In order to compel Anna to see your side of things, you will need 'The Saintly Seven' information. This can be found outside by speaking with the soldier right near the entrance if you don't already possess it from a previous chapter.
  • Even without it, there's still a shot that you'll get Anna on your side here, though it may have far better luck with Benedict instead, as he's only softly against working with Sorsley.

Reporting Sorsley

  • Anna will agree with this path if you have 'Defying the Holy One' in your inventory. You'll have either received this from Chapter 8's Exploration Phase, or you won't have; it depends on which location your version of the chapter is set within.
  • Don't worry if you lack the information. The second of the two unlocked options works nearly as well. If, for whatever reason, you run into any issues, speak with Roland, who is quite softly in favor of working with Sorsley.

With your decision made, 'Dwindling Light' quickly concludes.

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