Trainers Can Now Take On Pokémon Go's Paid Genesect Research Challenge

Niantic has made changes to Pokémon Go to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic – including numerous ways to keep people from gathering in one location – and the latest paid challenge reflects this. I’m beginning my quest and I’m having no problem working through the goals from my home.

If players purchase the $7.99 ticket for the Special Research Task “A Drive to Investigate,” they’ll have between now and March 23 at 10 p.m. local time to finish it. Unlike previous tasks, this one is streamlined to feats you can handle from home, including catching element-based Pokémon, playing with your buddy, and battling other trainers (which you can do through the Battle league). To catch the elemental Pokémon, I recommend using incense to create more spawns. A huge supply of incense can be purchased in the store right now for just one gold, and they each last for an hour (opposed to the usual 30 minutes).

You’ll only need to complete four of the five tasks to reach the Genesect encounter, although the fifth task gives you 10 extra Genesect candies. Good luck with the quest, trainers, and have fun!

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