This PS5 design is so bad, we pray the next PlayStation doesn’t look like this

Another week down, another week of PlayStation acting coy and holding back news on the next console in the esteemed Sony family.

As players scramble to learn more about what's coming from the hardware platform in the future, fans have taken to mocking up their own versions of hardware so they at least have something to look at as they hit F5 on the official Sony blog.

Though there are lots of rumours out there about the PlayStation 5 , and thanks to anapparent GameStop leakwe learned that the console may support 8K graphics, it may have 14 teraflops of processing power and that, of course, it'll be launcing with some exclusive games.

The majority of the information we have about the console is conjecture, at the moment, and it was recently revealed that even Sonydoesn’t know how much it’ll cost yet, apparently.

At least the PlayStation fans are busy dreaming up concepts, though.

Last week, redditor u/Zaagfluit (via Inverse) posted an image they made of a… novel… take on the PlayStation 5 to the PS5 subreddit.

The design is certainly inspired – it looks like something between a PS5 dev kit, a GameCube and the Xbox Series X .

Which, depending on your own personal preferences, could be a good thing or a bad thing.

If Sony unveiled something like this at its rumoured PlayStation 5 reveal event, we imagine it'll go down like Homer Simpson's attempt at making a luxury car.

Though, the unit isn't without its charm… though we'd say good luck to anyone trying to slot a disc into the wrong slot in the dark when you want to play something else.

We'll have to see what happens when Sony finally gets around to unveiling the new console.

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