This Month’s "Afternoon With Eevee And Friends" Funko Figure Is Sylveon

The “Afternoon with Eevee & Friends” partnership between Pokémon and Funko continues this month with the release of a Sylveon figurine. The release of this Gen VIII Eevee-lution is the third installment for the collection, after two playing Eevees kicked things off in February and a diving Vaporeon followed in March.

This Funko Sylveon is captured frolicking through a field of flowers, a gentle breeze lifting its bows and ribbons into the air behind it—the perfect place for a fairy-type Pokémon. Funko, a beloved creator of cartoon style vinyl figurines, and Pokémon, one of the most popular anime franchises the world over, are not strangers to each other. Afternoon With Eevee and Friends is their second collaboration, after the 2019 “A Day With Pikachu” set and they’ve had solo figurines on the market for years.

With this release, a third of the collection is now on the market, but that doesn’t mean it’s easily attainable. A collection featuring one of the unofficial mascots of the Pokémon franchise is doing quite well, as the first two figurines, Eevee and Vaporeon, are currently sold out on The Pokémon Center, the exclusive seller of these figurines.

The latest figurine, much like those that came before it, is ringing up at $14.99. Sylveon is still available for now, with a limit of four stipulation, so get them while they’re hot.

The Eevee-lutions have been fan favorites for years, which could explain why each generation has a new set, and now it’s possible to catch ‘em all in real life, thanks to Funko and The Pokémon Center. Creating them in the image of the cartoons rather than that of the classic Funko Pop! style was a calculated move for this collection. While the big head and little body combination is, scientifically speaking, adorable, Eevee and the gang are just as cute with their standard proportions and can shine in their natural habitats with these whimsical settings to match their types and personalities.

Tune in next month for the reveal of the Afternoon With Eevee and Friends’ Glaceon!

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