This Insane Japanese Gaming Bed Is A Dream Come True

Japanese company Bauhutte may have unintentionally given an edge to the lazy gamer argument with the unveiling of a gaming bed. This bed is made for those who cannot continue to live with the burden of rolling out of bed and moving to a desk or workstation to begin their day. The gaming bed features enough nooks and accessories to store everything a gamer will need to enjoy a seamless transition from night to day without the peskiness of physically moving.

Bauhutte’s assault on extroversion also includes a canopy to convert the bed into a type of gaming tent designed to give maximum focus on one’s game play. The customary speakers, headphone and controller racks, as well as enough real estate to fit a dual monitor setup are coupled with a special blanket and extendable accessory arm to hold a mobile device. Never has such an elaborate setup ever existed, and perhaps none shall ever eclipse its utility and functionality.

“I wake up and move from my bed to my desk. Why is that so complicated? Gaming beds solve this problem,” as according to Bauhutte’s website. Through their website, Bauhutte offers other accessories to accompany this massive rig, which practically makes the perfect bed for gamers a matter of personal choice.

Aside from encouraging people to remain indoors and spurn tedious tasks such as responsibility and having social skills, the gaming bed could actually serve a purpose outside of being a lavish gift for an unequaled gaming experience. Those who suffer from debilitating illnesses or are confined to a bed for a prolonged period of time can keep themselves busy or at least be well-equipped for whatever needs arise when movement is not an option. However, questions remain as to who this is really for. And also, why is there a bottle of lube prominently featured in pictures of the bed?

Unfortunately we won’t be able to answer said questions as the bed is unavailable in the US for now, but would retail for roughly $1,048. If one doesn’t have the space to make the battlestation of their dreams, this solution might be a nice compromise. For concerned parents already fearing their kids are scheming for a way to cocoon themselves and game their eyeballs out; they might want to hide this from them as long as they can.

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