There Will Be A Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament With A $2,000 Prize Pool Every Week Of 2022

Esports on the whole has taken a hit throughout the pandemic, but perhaps none more so than Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. With Nintendo's online offerings leaving much to be desired – especially compared to that of other fighting games – remote tournaments aren't easy to pull off.

However, long-suffering Smash fans have something to look forward to in 2022 at least. Pro player Hungrybox is holding weekly tournaments with a prize pool of $2,000 each. This comes after numerous big event cancellations, with no end in sight due to the spread of the omicron Covid-19 variant.

"Starting next week, my weekly tournaments will now be known as The Coin Box", Hungrybox announced on Twitter today. "We're going to have the best competition, the best coverage, and the best consistent prize support of any online tournament in existence".

The Coin Box is in collaboration with Coinbase, who will be funding the prize pool. The weeklies kick off next week, February 3, taking place every Wednesday.

Alas, European fans will have to sit out of this one. To qualify for the tournament you have to be based in one of the following countries: Canada, The United States, Mexico, The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands.

Another downside here is that Coinbase, tragically, is the owner of a hexagonal profile picture on Twitter. So uh, yeah, NFT crypto company. But fans seem happy to both make fun of this, and enjoy some weekly pro-Smash Bros. fights. Maybe it's win/win?

You can tune in to watch The Coin Box next Wednesday, with pools starting around 6pm EST. With so much money on the table, around $96,000 in total until the end of 2022, it's likely that we'll see a fair amount of big names throw their hats into the ring. And with any luck, in-person events will soon cease to be a distant memory, Covid willing.

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