The Witcher Season 2 Will Shoot Inside The Studio During England’s Second Lockdown

As England embraces its second national lockdown, star of Netflix’s The Witcher Henry Cavill confirmed current filming was being taken inside. The show’s second season is not due to premiere until some time next year, as logistical issues and the ongoing pandemic delayed production before.

Posting on Instagram, Cavill informed fans that he was traveling back down to the South of England, to continue filming inside the studio. Previously shooting on location in Yorkshire, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich’s production was forced to move into the studio for additional filming once news of England’s second lockdown emerged. The south of Britain will now have to undergo strict stay-at-home policies for a month, in order to combat the recent surge in coronavirus cases.

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The actor’s touching Instagram post highlighted the production’s move indoors, as well as thanking Yorkshire for accommodating the team working on season 2. Promising to return to Yorkshire’s “hills, dales and fells,” Cavill wished its inhabitants well and encouraged them to stay strong during the second wave of lockdown. Cavill’s accompanying photo showed the actor departing his accommodation with his dog, suited and booted with his travel bag, mask and a very cozy-looking jumper.

Season 2 of Netflix’s The Witcher began shooting in London earlier this year. However, the production went on hiatus in March due to Netflix’s decision to suspend all filming in response to the pandemic. Filming didn’t resume until August, leaving the production 4 months behind schedule. The second season is due to release some time in 2021, and the show’s third season has been given the green light by the Writers Guild of America. Production recently hired Scottish actress Scarlett Maltman to fill the role of Redania’s rebel Falka. The Favorite actor Basil Eidenbenz was also welcomed as a recast to play Geralt of Rivia’s longtime friend Eskel.

Netflix will be very busy over the next few years with The Witcher content. The company has began work on a spin-off prequel for CD Projekt Red’s video game series, titled The Witcher: Blood Origin. The series will contain six episodes and be set 1200 years prior to Geralt’s existence in the Northern Kingdoms. The popular streaming service is also working on The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf; an animated feature focusing on Geralt’s mentor Vesemir. There is currently no word on when either of these titles will be released.

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