The Witcher 3: All Wolf School Gear (& How To Make It)

In total, there are pieces of Wolf School Gear across four regions in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Those locations include Kaer Morhen, Velen, Skellige, and Toussaint and once collected, will allow Geralt to showcase his latest Witcher gear for all the humans and dwarves sitting inside.

Beginning with the basic Wolven gear, enhanced, superior, mastercrafted, and with the addition of the Blood & Wine expansion – grandmaster gear. Here are the locations for each diagram of Wolf school gear.

22 Silver Sword

The first set of Wolven gear can be found at Geralt’s childhood training grounds of Kaer Morhen.  Alongside the lake lies the Ruined Watchtower and inside sitting hunched over next to a barrel is a corpse grasping onto the instructions on how to craft the silver weapon. Crafting the silver sword will require a leather strap, silver ingot, fifth essence which can be easily crafted or purchased plus one monster brain of course.

21 Steel Sword

Right next to Kaer Morhen is the area where Geralt and his companions used to train – the Bastion. Enter the wraith guarded ruins and retrieve the diagram buried next to the staircase. Collect a leather strap, steel ingots, and no Witcher’s blade would be official without a monster eye and brain.

20 Armor, Gauntlets, Trousers, and Boots

These ruins containing the next diagrams are sitting underneath the Kaer Morhen marker. Head through the doorway, and climb the ladder where a chest can be found sitting on a ledge above. However, inside the box is a set of notes directing the reader on where to find the armor directions. Exit the ruins and climb up the scaffolding on the right leading to a crystal needing to unlock a nearby portal. Go back inside the tower and reveal the illusion next to the ladder. Use the crystal to fuel it and attack it with Aard activating the portal. Pick up the diagrams for the armor, trousers, boots, and gauntlets to complete the primary set of gear.

To build the armor, the Witcher will need to find a shirt, hardened leather, leather straps, monster eyes, and a meteorite silver plate. For the gauntlets, a meteorite ore, leather straps, thread, powdered monster tissue, and leather scraps. The boots require hardened leather, meteorite ore, thread, leather scraps, monster essence. Lastly, the trousers will need cured leather, leather scraps, silk, meteorite ore, monster blood.

19 Enhanced Boots

Sitting atop Benek is the Grotto cave in Velen. Enter the underground area and follow the path on the left until discovering the chest across from the gas-covered pool of water.

18 Enhanced Silver Sword

Visit the armorer in Crow’s Perch and locate the neighboring Baron’s garden. Dropdown into the well and follow the dimly lit walkway until reaching the chest facing the water.

17 Enhanced Armor

Using any nearby boat or years of a particular set of swimming skills Geralt has acquired over a very long career, cross the lake from Fyke Isle to the ruins sitting on the small island in the middle of the water.

Dive into the water beneath the surface of the island and use the Witcher Senses to locate the chest sitting next to a brick wall.

16 Enhanced Steel Sword

Returning to the Ruined Watchtower in Kaer Morhen, climb the scaffolding and loot the chest containing the next enhanced diagram.

15 Enhanced Trousers

To find the diagram for the bottom half of the enhanced gear, find the Lakeside Hut in Kaer Morhen and head north to the island. At the edge of the shore, the chest can be spotted submerged beneath a few feet of water.

14 Enhanced Gauntlets

On the south side of Kaer Morhen, a cave can be found at the end of the trail leading across the lake and away from the area. Enter the cave and follow the path until reaching a ledge with the chest sitting above.

13 Superior Armor

At the Skellige Isles to the left of the Fyresdal marker is a monster nest inhabited with harpies. On the walkway surrounding the abandoned fort is the chest sitting against the watchtower.

12 Superior Silver Sword

Beneath Arinbjorn in Skellige is a trio of underground tombs with a small chest tucked away in a corner of one of the tombs.

11 Superior Steel Sword

On the far west side of the Lofoten village is the site of an abandoned tower overlooking the edge of the island.

Approach the stairs and drop down into the massive cavity. Use Igni to ignite the gas in the room below and collect the diagram from the chest inside.

10 Superior Trousers

Enter the cave above the Bastion marker in Kaer Morhen and jump onto the ledge ahead. Head through the cave until reaching the trapped chest behind some rock on the left. Blast through using Aard and collect the diagram.

9 Superior Gauntlets

The next diagram can be found stuck inside the Iron Mine outside of Kaer Morhen. Avoiding or challenging the Elemental that resides here, pick up the loot wedged behind a stone structure behind the monster.

8 Superior Boots

Across the river to the right of Kaer Morhen is yet another cave covering up the last superior gear instructions. Swim to the entrance to enter the cave and head inside. Defeat the Endrega’s that inhabit the cave and clear the rocks on the right side of the area that protects the final chest.

7 Mastercrafted Steel Sword

Back in Velen, on the west side of the Byways marker is a sunken ship just beyond the shoreline. Dive below and the ship to find the chest behind the staircase.

6 Mastercrafted Armor

Southeast of the Byways marker is a staircase monitored by a pair of mirroring statues. Behind the monument on the left is a small box holding the diagram.

5 Mastercrafted Silver Sword

Next to the House of Respite is a bandit-defended fort. Loot one of the enemies to pick up a key. Use it to unlock the wooden doors and take a peek inside to find the next chest.

4 Mastercrafted Trousers

In Skellige on the island near the Svorlag village is the Old Watchtower. Climb the wall to the left beneath the large tree and loot the box sitting up against the ruined brick.

3 Mastercrafted Gauntlets

Directly above Boxholm is a ruined structure guarded by a large winged beast high above the sky. Underneath the tower wall propped up against the building is the chest.

2 Mastercrafted Boots

Behind the tower nearing the back of the Dorve Ruins in Skellige is where the diagram for the last piece of mastercrafted gear can be picked up. Meet the armorer in Crow’s Peach to craft each item.

1 Grandmaster Armor, Trousers, Steel Sword and Boots

The Blood & Wine DLC is required to access the grandmaster gear set. Travel to The Duchy of Toussaint and head towards the cave next to the Place of Power above the Termes Palace Ruines. Pick up the ruby on the top of the stairs as it is needing to unlock the barrier ahead. Geralt will be greeted by a collection of some unhappy creatures.

Break open the wall ahead and make a right turn up some rock and through a second wall leading to a hidden room. More enemies will appear with a satchel laying on the floor next to a crypt holding the diagrams to the three pieces of armor. Remaining in the area where the satchel was found, head straight through the two doors where a pile of bones can be looted for the remaining grandmaster gear. Seek out the Grandmaster Smith near The Gran’ Place to craft the gear.

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