The Real Winner Of Overwatch League Is The Audience

The Overwatch League Grand Final was last night, ending in a surprise win for Dallas Fuel. In a tense final match, Dallas managed to take the crown from two-time winners San Francisco Shock, securing their first win in OWL's five-year run.

But even with history being made right before our eyes, that wasn't the most exciting thing from the final. No, the real winners were the fans in the audience, who absolutely stole the show from the top-level players. Once again, fans snuck in some amazingly hilarious and creative signs – and even some that were critical of the way Overwatch 2 is being handled. While most of them were lighthearted jabs, there were others that Blizzard was probably hoping wouldn't get caught on camera, referencing some of the game's various controversies since launch.

One of the signs to get the most attention online reads: "I'm poor. Nerf shop prices." This is a sentiment many Overwatch fans will share right now, as getting skins without paying real money has become next to impossible.

Elsewhere, another fan managed to get their "bring back loot boxes" sign in frame. Again, despite how controversial they were in the first Overwatch, many players say they prefer them to the new Battle Pass system, as it at least made it quicker to acquire skins without forking over your cash.

Another sign that speaks for the masses reads, "make Pharmercy canon you cowards!" This refers to the ship between Pharah and Mercy, everyone's favourite sky-soaring gfs. The pair at least got some more interactions in Overwatch 2, but the lady-loving ladies are still far from being canon.

Finally, some of them were just straight-up daft. Whether it was mixing Overwatch up with Splatoon, saying that they're already a Ramattra main a month before he comes out, or making some creative suggestions for future character buffs, half of the fun came from watching the audience last night.

Alas, it doesn't seem like anyone snuck in a sign calling Bobby Kotick a prick. Although given all the awful things he is said to have done over the years, we all knew that already. But still, better luck next year.

Of course, inventive audience signs aren't exclusive to Overwatch League, or even esports as a whole for that matter. AEW and WWE have everyone beat on that front, with shows frequently sporting jokey signs, often about video games. As we covered recently, a sign praising the Pokemon Lechonk was spotted in an AEW show months before Scarlet and Violet's launch. Last year, wrestling fans were even using shows to fight over their favourite RPGs. Battle cries such as "Persona 5 sucks" and "I love Final Fantasy 8" were often spotted in the crowd, as fans were more eager to support these games than the wrestlers in front of them.

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