The PlayStation 5 May Be Copying Xbox’s Storage Drives

The PlayStation 5 might copy the Xbox Series X’s storage drives to expand its memory capacity.

On Monday we found out about the Xbox Series X’s full specs. It’s going to be many times more powerful than the Xbox One and have Ray Tracing as a standard feature. The breakdown gets very technical, but the main takeaway is this: the Xbox Series X is going to be the most powerful game console on Earth.

Or maybe not. The PlayStation 5’s specs have yet to be revealed, although Sony said yesterday that they’d provide us with the full details today. We’ll soon find out how the PS5 will stack up to its Microsoft competitor.

One of the more interesting features of the Xbox Series X is how it plans to allow for expandable memory using NVMe drives–tiny little SSDs that look like memory cards from generations ago. These cards slot into the back of the Series X and provide an additional 1-2 TB of storage, allowing for quick saves, save states, and far faster load times than traditional SSDs.

Industry professionals suspect that the PS5 will have a similar design that allows for expandable memory. John Linneman, who handled Digital Foundry’s deep dive into the Xbox Series X, said that both the Xbox and PS5 will use the same approach of expandable, solid-state storage to ensure that gamers never run out of memory.

The issue of who’s copying who is up for debate. PushSquare says that it was actually Sony that came up with the idea first, quoting a Brazilian patent that was filed last year. The patent is for a “recording medium which can record various data, such as a character, an image, an animation, a sound, and a program. By loading the opening provided by the game console with the tip end part by which a variety of pins of this cartridge were provided, the various data recorded on this cartridge can be read.”

We’ll find out if the PS5 does have expandable memory cards when Sony takes the covers off later today.

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