The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – How To Complete The Missing Sister Side Quest

Like most Zelda titles, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has plenty of quests and activities to play through, as well as goodies to collect during Link’s epic, airborne journey. It’ll be an even better adventure with the upcoming Skyward Sword HD on Nintendo Switch.

In addition to its robust campaign of nearly 40 hours, the game offers a number of sidequests that allow Link to add a bit more to his wealth and abilities.

Among these are the particularly beneficial Gratitude Crystal side quests.

This guide will give a quick rundown of the location and steps needed to complete one of the more bountiful of these quests, Missing Sister. But first thing’s first…

What Are Gratitude Crystals?

These are coveted items that can be collected throughout Link’s Skyward Sword journey. They can be given to the demon Batreaux, who resides in a shack beneath Skyloft. The crystals can be used to exchange for certain valuable items, including larger wallets and a Piece of Heart.

How Many Can Be Earned?

  • There are 80 that can be earned in total, many of which can be scored when completing the Gratitude Crystal side quests.
  • 15 of these crystals can also be picked up as individual drops — which are hidden in various places in the environment (usually at night).
  • You can score up to 65 of these crystals from all of the Gratitude Crystals side quests.

Locating And Completing The “Missing Sister” Side Quest

The Missing Sister side quest can be initiated after finishing up the Lost Child quest; the first of the Gratitude Crystal side quests.

  • First, initiate a chat with Parrow near the Light Tower. Specifically, he’s in the southeastern region of the Plaza in southern Skyloft. Look for the speech bubble hovering above his head.
  • He will talk about his missing sister, who was curious about exploring a colorful island that appeared recently.
  • The island in question is located near Fun-Fun Island, so take to the skies and head towards this location. It’s located southwest of Skyloft, to the east of Fun-Fun. Look for a small island with a fallen bird.

  • Approach the girl there and speak with her. She will speak of crash-landing on the island, and of her wish to heal her ailing bird before taking off.
  • This is where you come in, as you’ll be tasked with seeking out medicine for the bird. You’ll need to return to the girl’s older brother Parrow.

  • Be sure to have a spare spot in Link’s inventory, as you’ll need to make room for the medicine.
  • Take the Mushroom Spores from Parrow after speaking with him, and head back to the tiny island you were just at.
  • Parrow’s gracious sister will then grant you your reward of some Gratitude Crystals. This will also be matched by Parrow himself when speaking with him again.

Quest Rewards

This is fairly significant compared to most other Gratitude Crystals side quests, as it yields a total of 10 Gratitude Crystals compared to just 5 for the others. You’ll also get an empty bottle provided by Parrow once the quest is finished, which allows Link to carry an extra potion.

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