The Forgotten City, One Of The Best Games Of the Year, Is On Sale Right Now

The Forgotten City deserved better. Only nominated for a single award at The Game Awards and snubbed at The Steam Awards, The Forgotten City is perhaps the best game of 2021 that nobody has played. Luckily, there’s a sale on right now where you can fix that.

You can pick up The Forgotten City for 25% off on all PC platforms, including Steam (as part of the Steam Winter Sale), Epic, and GOG. You can also get The Forgotten City for 30% off on both PlayStation 4 and PS5.

Why should you? Well, besides the fact that The Forgotten City has made it onto most of our editorial team’s top 10 lists, it’s a genuinely intriguing story that won’t take too much of your time to complete.

The Forgotten City has you travel back in time to an ancient Roman metropolis, although there aren't that many people living there. Think of it more like a town in Skyrim that's supposed to have thousands of people living there but in reality, has like 20 NPCs. The Skyrim analogy is quite apt considering The Forgotten City got started as a Skyrim mod released back in 2015, but the developers always had dreams of turning it into a stand-alone game.

In order for you to find your way home, you have to determine the curse of The Forgotten City and prevent anyone in the town from committing a sin. What's considered a sin? Well, that's part of The Forgotten City's story. If a sin is committed, everyone turns to gold and you have to start over again. But you can take the knowledge of your most recent run and several items back with you to make your next loop that much easier.

Yes, The Forgotten City is a loop game, but it doesn't require too much repetition. There's a guy at the beginning of each loop who you can order to complete any tasks you finished in the previous runs so you don't have to do them over again.

Go pick up The Forgotten City if you haven’t already. Unless you have Game Pass, in which case you already have The Forgotten City.

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