The Evil Within 2: The Best Mods You Need To Try

The Evil Within served as a fitting entry into the survival horror genre, featuring the various oddities fans would expect from a veteran like Shinji Mikami who created one of the most iconic survival horror franchises of all time, Resident Evil. That being said, The Evil Within was far from a perfect game, with various annoyances pulling this game back from cementing itself as a truly brilliant title. It's a testament to Shinji Mikami and his team that they genuinely took all the feedback into account when it came to The Evil Within and decided to work upon these problems for its sequel The Evil Within 2.

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Suffice to say, The Evil Within 2 was miles ahead of its predecessor in every department, featuring absorbing visuals, a terrifying atmosphere, and engaging gameplay loops that helped cement this title's reputation as a worthy survival horror title that any fan of the genre should definitely try out. Players who want their experience with The Evil Within 2 to be as optimal and memorable as possible can also improve their copy of the game with the following mods.

New Game Plus Chapters

The Evil Within 2 might be a great game that is a blast to play through, but one has to admit that scrounging through the game in order to painstakingly acquire all the weapons, skills, upgrades, and items present in the game can become quite boring after a point. After all, it's not like the gameplay of The Evil Within 2 is so spectacular in the first place that players need to go through all these loopholes again.

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So, instead of being forced into going through all these boring hurdles, players can simply find another solution through the beauty of mods. Of course, calling a simple save game a mod might be a bit of a stretch, but this addition to the game does end up enhancing one's fun with the title by allowing them to tackle most of the chapters in the game with their inventory and skills completely maxed out. Tearing through the game with this upgraded arsenal can prove to be a blast, and this enjoyment could've definitely been hampered quite a bit if the player had been forced into finding all these weapons and items themselves.

The ReShade Within

It would be impossible to talk about game mods without mentioning the popularity of reshades. These mods end up being one of the simpler graphical changes that people can integrate into the game, with the end effect being nothing short of spectacular. In this regard, The ReShade Within ends up being quite a notable mod due to the slew of impressive changes it makes to the game's graphics without sacrificing any of its eerie atmospheres.

The changes this reshade makes to the visuals of The Evil Within 2 are quite notable indeed, with everything from the game's impressive visual effects to the overall color of the title receiving a noticeable upgrade. It's a great way to enhance the visuals of The Evil Within 2 with little to no compromises made when it comes to the original design of the game.

And speaking of visual upgrades for The Evil Within 2…

4K Upscaled Pre-Rendered Cutscenes

For players playing on a powerful system, the in-game graphics of The Evil Within 2 can clash horribly with the pre-rendered cutscenes of the game. This jarring experience can potentially ruin a player's immersion as well, which is critical to enjoying a survival horror game that thrives on making the player feel like they're actually trapped in an oppressive environment. Thankfully with this mod, the pre-rendered cutscenes of The Evil Within 2 can look significantly better than their vanilla counterpart.

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As mentioned in the name itself, this mod ends up upscaling all the 1080p pre-rendered cutscenes of The Evil Within 2 to 4K quality instead. This makes the experience of playing The Evil Within 2 infinitely smoother for players with high-end PCs, since the jump from 4K to 1080p during critical story moments was completely removed with the advent of this mod.

UI Toggle

Speaking of mods that improve one's immersion in the game, one can't fail to mention the UI Toggle mod either. The function of this mod is pretty simple — it does exactly what is stated and allows the player to toggle individual aspects of the HUD in order to make the gameplay experience more in line with the player's requirements. Essentially, it ensures that the player can easily check the bare minimum information that they require without clogging up the view too much.

It might just be a simple mod, but toggling the UI does wonders for the immersion of The Evil Within 2. Players can now genuinely get scared out of their wits… without having to keep track of multiple useless numbers, most of which don't even matter during these terrifying scenes anyway!

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