The DioField Chronicle: Chapter 2 – A Stronghold Breached Walkthrough

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  • Harbinger Of Discord
  • Stop The Swarm
  • End The Aarwolves
  • Manhunt: Hadi Solbey
  • East Field Engagement
  • Defend Teggaria Base

The DioField Chronicle's second chapter begins with our heroes having assumed joint leadership of the mercenary group. Alongside the mercenary group's new management, comes new branding; as they are now known as "The Blue Foxes". And boy do the Blue Foxes get up to trouble! And by "trouble", we mean wage a bloody campaign in the name of their "noble" benefactor.

The five missions you will engage in throughout the course of this chapter steadily ramp up in difficulty. The DioField Chronicle is largely done with going easy on you. By the time you are tangoing with Wyverns in the last few missions, you may even find yourself in danger of tasting defeat. But don't worry, we'll not only help you claim victory, but make sure you are able to gain every last reward in the process.

Harbinger Of Discord

Talk to the researcher and you will now be able to upgrade your magilumic orbs (these are your summons). Of course, it's going to cost you—though only 1,500 gold. You will now be able to make use of those Jade Crystals you have (hopefully) been collecting throughout your battles. You will also be able to upgrade your weapon's facility for, yet another, one-time payment of 1,500 gold.

Finally, talk to Lorraine, and she will enhance your Skill Tree level. You will also now have access to three new side missions! Once you are ready to begin the first main mission, interact with the map on the war table.

Stop The Swarm

Recommended Level12
EnemiesPhase 16x Lv 8 Fenrir Wolves, 1x Lv 10 Shield Ogre, 1x Lv 10 Crossbow Ogre
Phase 22x Lv 10 Shield Ogre, 2x Lv 10 Crossbow Ogre
ObjectiveDefeat all enemies.
DefeatAll allies defeated
RewardsComplete the mission.1650 Gold
Allow no allies to fall in battle.1 SP
Complete mission in 6 min.Gold Bar
Find the treasure chestJade Crystal
Difficulty★★☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆ (2/10)

This mission marks the first time in which you will be able to swap units. So, if a character is running low on HP, don't be afraid to bench 'em and bring in a fresh body.

When you first hop into this map, you are probably going to be stunned when you see the giant ogres. But worry not, while these guys aren't particularly soft, they aren't particularly tough either. Right at the beginning of the map are two Fenrir Wolves, just throw all your troops at them. Now that you have cleared out the wolves, we are going to take out the rest of the enemies in this stage.

On the left side of the map is a Shield Ogre with a Fenrir Wolf. On the right there is a Fenrir Wolf with a crossbow-wielding Ogre. Then, in the top right corner, there are two more wolves that need to be dealt with. Split your party in two—with a tankier character in each unit—and fight both groups at the same time. You will be running the usual gameplan: the tank will get your enemies' attention, while the other character flanks and does damage. Once you have finished off the ogres, converge on the wolves in the corner. As you fight the wolves, send someone to grab the nearby chest.

You will now face the second wave of enemies. A Shield Ogre and a Crossbow Ogre will come from the north, and another pair will approach from the south. You will already be pretty close to the northern pair, so throw your party at them. By the time you kill them, the southern pair will have made their way up to you. You should now have enough blue shards to unload on them with your summons. Following this strategy, you should have the map cleared out in time to get your gold bar.

Caught By The Tail

There is little to do once you get back to your base. You can, of course, look into acquiring new equipment, upgrading your skills, and engaging in practice battles, but there are no objectives to clear. When you are ready to progress, talk to Lorraine and she will give you your next mission.

End The Aarwolves

Recommended Level13
EnemiesPhase 12x Lv 10 Soldier, 3x Lv 12 Archers, 2x Lv 12 Soldiers
Phase 24x Lv 11 Archers, 3x Lv 12 Cavalry
Phase 32x Lv 12 Archers, 2x Lv 12 Cavalry, Lv 15 Bandit Leader
ObjectiveDefeat all enemies.
DefeatAll allies defeated.
RewardsComplete the mission.1870 Gold
Allow no allies to fall in battle.1 SP
Complete mission in 6 min.Gold Bar
Find the treasure chestJade Crystal
Difficulty★★☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆ (2/10)

To begin with, there will be three groups of soldiers, just swarm the first with your entire party. Then, when you turn the corner, split your group into two, take out the pair of soldiers to your right with one group, and then attack the three solders further down with the other. Now interact with the tower to open up the next area.

Once you have opened the gates, you will see soldiers clustered in groups. You want to try to time the group of patrolling units. Ideally, you draw them directly to the exploding barrel, ignite it as they are in range, severely weaken them all. However, if you mess up, you can just draw them all down to the gate, have Izelair use her Shield Wall skill to capture all their attention, and then unload on the soldiers from behind. You can use one of your summons to make things going quicker, if you like.

Once you are in the final phase, you can draw both cavalry units to the center with the ever-trustworthy Izelair. Just position her in front of where the blast zones for both barrels are converging. Once they are huddled there, you can explode the barrels on either side. If you have spaced things correctly, Izelair will be perfectly safe. Now, hook your other units around and take out the archers. Once they are down, you can flank the injured cavalry units and finish them off. Then, all your units can swarm the bandit leader.

Stepping On Shadows

Once you return to your headquarters, you will be greeted by a brief cutscenes. Congratulations, you have just obtained another character for your mercenary group.

New Recruit: Shivat

Shivat is the second mage you will acquire in The DioField Chronicle. While Waltaquin has capable healing and a solid repertoire of offensive spells, Shivat has bettering healing and spells that tend to have more of a focus on support. Naturally, Shivat is an excellent secondary character for your unit, as he will instantly provide any character with an excellent heal.

However, outside of obtaining Shivat, there isn't anything really new to do at the base. When you are ready to move on, talk to Lorraine. She will give you your next mission.

Manhunt: Hadi Solbey

Recommended Level14
EnemiesPhase 16x Lv 12 Soldiers, 4x Lv 12 Archers, 2x Cannons
Phase 22x Lv 11 Soldiers, 3x Lv 12 Archers, 1x Lv 16 Hadi Solbey
ObjectiveDefeat all enemies.
DefeatAll allies defeated.
RewardsComplete the mission.2090 Gold
Allow no allies to fall in battle.1 SP
Complete mission in 8 min.Gold Bar
Find the treasure chestJade Crystal
Difficulty★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (3/10)

Time to take the fight to Hadi Solbey: the leader of the Aarwolves. This battle has two phases. In the first phase, you will take out the group of soldiers clustered around the entrance. Then, when you get into the open area. You will see three troops to the right and left side of the battlefield. Each set of troops is accompanied by a cannon. These will fire on you at regular intervals when you are within range of them. So, the first thing you are going to want to do is to separate your troop into two groups and go after both cannons.

Send all your characters up the center, and then send two characters to the left, and two to the right (ideally, you will have one tank unit in both units). Take out the cannon tower first, then take care of the soldier guarding it. Once you clear them out, there will be two other soldiers that need taking care of on both sides.

Once you clean out all the bandits, travel to the target on the northern section of the map. This will transition you into the second phase. You will now head back to where you started and fight Hadi Solbey himself. Just send all your troops down as a single mass, have Izelair use her Shield Wall to draw in all the enemy troops, and unload on them while they attack her. You should have enough guardian power to hit them with the Bahamut summon.

Finally, you just need to deal with Hadi Solbey and two archers. Distract Hadi with a tanky unit (ideally Izelair), and flank the archers with the rest of your party. Once the archers are all dead, converge on Hadi and finish him off.

Let Battle Commence

Upon returning to your base, you will be able rank up your Weapon Development badge (for 1,500 gold). You will also have optional story sequences with both Waltaquin and Shivat. Both provide a little insight into each character, as well as 1000 gold a piece.

East Field Engagement

Recommended Level15
EnemiesPhase 15x Lv 10 Gunmen, 1x Lv 12 Soldiers, 4x Lv 12 Gunmen,
Phase 23x Lv 10 Gunmen, 5x Lv 12 Soldiers,
Phase 34x Lv 12 Gunmen, 2x Lv 13, Soldiers 1x Lv 18 Wyvern
ObjectiveDefeat all enemies.
DefeatAll allies defeated.
Barricade destroyed.
RewardsComplete the mission.2310 Gold
Allow no allies to fall in battle.1 SP
Complete mission in 6 min.Gold Bar
Find the treasure chestJade Crystal
Difficulty★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ (5/10)

This is a pretty simple battle. You just need to defend the barrier. Enemies will funnel toward you throughout this encounter. It will benefit you to let them get close enough for your cannons to fire on them. The first wave you will fight consists of five Gunmen and a Soldier. They travel down the center road. Allow them to get close enough for your cannons to hit them, draw their attention to Izelair by using her Shield Wall, and then flank them with the rest of your troops.

After the first phase, things can get a little hairy, so while fighting this first wave you will probably want to send Fredret after the treasure. It is in the center of the map.

The next group will come at you from two angles. One group consisting of two Gunmen and two Soldiers will attack from your left side, and another group with three Soldiers and one Gunmen will come at you from the center path. Divide your party into two groups, and confront both parties as they just get in range of your towers. However, before you finish off the last soldier, make sure to have Fredret travel around and grab all the shards that have dropped (there are also a ton of shards near your cannon towers). You want to be in good shape for the final phase.

Once you kill the final Soldier in the previous wave, you will now be assaulted on all sides. Two Soldiers and a Gunman will approach from the right, three Gunmen will approach on the left, and Wyvern come barreling down the center path. Here you are going to create a party of three who will fight the path on the right and the Wyvern. Then, your remaining character will go off and battle the group of Gunmen. Fredret is a good candidate for this assignment.

Your group of three should have Izelair in it. You are going to pop that Shield Wall, and work on kill the Soldiers as quickly as possible. The idea is to clear them out before the Shield Wall wears off. Then, you are going to focus on the Wyvern. This thing is pretty tough, but with it being three on one, you should be able to take them down without too much issue. Just make sure you don't get hit by one of those fire breath attacks. Stunning attacks will serve you well, here.

Fredret, on the other hand, will just be using a steady stream of attacks that hit multiple foes. You are going to want to pause the action frequently to check the progress on both sides. Just make sure that you are keeping an eye on health bars at all times, and you should be fine. You will have summons at this point in the battle. Use them to help support Fredret if he is struggling.

Remember, you can swap out troops at this point. So, if some is battered, and they are out of EP, switch them out for their partner.

The Comet Strikes The Lion

Once you finish the East Field Engagement battle, you will go back to your tent (you are at war, after all). Here you will be able to do everything you were able to do at your headquarters. Unfortunately, there is nothing else really going on here. So, head to the map on the table and start the final mission when you are ready.

Defend Teggaria Base

Recommended Level17
EnemiesPhase 16x Lv 11 Gunmen, 3x Lv 13 Soldier
Phase 26x Lv 11 Gunmen, 3x Lv 13 Soldier
Phase 23x Lv 14 Gunmen, 3x Lv 15 Soldiers, 1x Lv 20 Wyvern
ObjectiveDefeat all enemies.
DefeatAll allies defeated.
Barricade destroyed.
RewardsComplete the mission.2530 Gold
Allow no allies to fall in battle.1 SP
Complete mission in 8 min.Gold Bar
Find the treasure chestJade Crystal
Difficulty★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (6/10)

In a lot of ways, this battle is a retread of the first one. However, you don't have any Cannon Towers to support you this time. You are going to have a group of two Gunmen and one Soldier come down the middle first. Right behind them will be another pair of Soldiers, and then behind them there will be a squad of four Gunmen. When confronting them, you are going to want to send someone past the soldier to deal with the Gunmen in the back. Andrias is a great fit for that assignment.

Once you clear them out, you will then have three squads land by the shore. Each squad consists of two Gunmen and a Soldier. Confront them up top, group them together with Izelair's Shield Wall, then have the rest of your squad take out the Gunmen while they are focusing on Izelair. Finally, once you finish off the Gunmen, surround the soldiers and take them out. However, leave one alive and retreat your troops back to where you started the stage. Leave Fredret to finish off the soldier. The second you land the killing blow, the final group will approach from the left.

The final group will consist of three Soldiers, three Gunmen, and a pretty buffed up Wyvern. Square off with the Wyver first. There is a barracade that will hold the other troops back. The instant the enemy units break through the barrier, use the Shield Wall to draw the attention of all the troops (who will be bunched up at this point). Now blast them with summons. Finish off any remaining troops, and then pile onto the Wyvern. It is possible that you are going to need to swap out a few units at this point, as you will be running low on EP.

Once you are down to just the Wyven, you should go grab the treasure. It is nearby, on the left side of the map, so Fredret will be able to run over there and run back in a few seconds.

Now, that there is only the Wyvern, you should be able to pile on and kill it pretty quickly. However, it does hit pretty dang hard, so keep a close eye on your health bar. However, you are in the home stretch now. The Wyvern will fall before too long.

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