Temtem Comes To PS5 Next Week

Critter-taming sensation Temtem is almost set to launch on PS5.

When it comes to monster collecting/battling RPGs, the much-beloved Pokemon franchise might appear to have a major monopoly. After all, Pokemon Go is still Go-ing strong, with its new Kalos event running at this very moment. Game Freak’s series isn’t infallible, though.

Some felt that Pokemon Sword & Shield was a little lacking in some areas, and claim that the team felt safe in the knowledge that the series is such a global powerhouse. While those claims are oversimplifications, there’s clearly some dissatisfaction among fringe corners of the fanbase.

Granted, Temtem hasn’t quite caught on yet. Eager fans embraced it in droves, but it’s been far from the Steam sensation it probably warrants being. Perhaps its arrival on consoles might garner players’ attention and really get the Temtem ball rolling.

In August 2020, the news came that the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game had been cancelled, allowing developers Crema to concentrate resources on the soon-to-be PS5 and Xbox Series X/S (as well as Nintendo Switch). Almost three months later, it was confirmed that a PS5-exclusive Early Access release was inbound, set to launch on December 8.

Today, the official PlayStation Twitter account launched this little missive, reminding those eager for some Temtem action on their spangly new consoles that December 8 2020 is, in fact, next week:

A nice little console exclusive, there. It’s tough to predict how Temtem’s future will play out, but one thing’s for sure: the game has a lot of potential and PS5 fans (who have been lucky enough to actually get their hands on a system at a sensible price) would do well to jump on board next Tuesday.

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