Teamfight Tactics Mobile Release Time: When does TFT launch on Android and iOS

Riot Games has long been known as the developer and publisher of League of Legends (LoL), which has remained one of the biggest games played worldwide for some years.

However, the US-based developer has got a big year ahead and it all starts with the release of Teamfight Tactics on mobile this week.

The game originally released on PC last year, but will soon be available to play on Android and iOS devices.

For those who might not know what the game is, let us explain. TeamFight Tactics is an eight person free-for-all strategy game that combines League of Legends champions with the auto-battler genre.

If you dont know what that entails, players are tasked with tactically placing an army of characters on a grid-shaped game board for a last-player-standing automated battle.

The game has 80 million players globally since its launch, so they must be doing something right.

“Since launching TFT on PC just last year, we've been overwhelmed by the incredible response from players,” said Dax Andrus, TFT Product Lead for the game.

“Players have been asking us for more ways to play TFT, and we’re excited to share a mobile version that feels authentic to the PC experience while also keeping in mind the nuances and optimisation features that mobile players love."

If this sounds like your cup of tea, there's not long to wait to try it yourself on mobile. Ahead of launch, here's everything else you could possibly need to know.


TeamFight Tactics on mobile features full cross-play with TFT on PC, allowing players on both platforms to compete seamlessly on different devices.

TFT will launch on mobile with the newly revealed content pack, known as “Galaxies,” which features space, galaxy, and star-themed LoL champions, customisation options, and Little Legends, player controlled in-game avatars.

At launch, TeamFight Tactics on mobile will have the following new features:

  • Galaxies Pass and Galaxies Pass+ (Free and Paid progression-based features that allow players to unlock content as they play games)
  • Galaxies-themed Booms! (Personalised Damage Animations)
  • PC/Mobile Crossplay
  • New Player Tutorial (on Mobile)

It will also include existing features from the PC version of TeamFight Tactics:

  • Galaxies Little Legends (Personalised Player Avatars)
  • Galaxies-themed Arena Skins
  • Ranked Play

For more information about TeamFight Tactics, visit the official website on the link. Otherwise, stay tuned for more details as we approach launch on mobile.

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