Surreal Puzzler FORM is Coming to PlayStation VR in April

Back in 2017 Charm Games launched its first virtual reality (VR) title, a puzzle experience called  FORM. Since then the studio has released Twilight Path and is currently working on a third videogame. This week it’s been confirmed that FORM will soon be coming to PlayStation VR.

Back when developers were still getting to grips with motion controls and what made an immersive VR experience FORM offered inventive gameplay wrapped around a fantastical storyline.

The title is set in a remote Alaskan research facility, where you play as Dr. Devin Eli, a brilliant physicist who has superhuman powers of geometric visualization – the unintended consequence of childhood trauma. He is trying to uncover the secrets behind a recently discovered ancient artefact called The Obelisk. Delving into the doctors’ memories, you have to assemble puzzle pieces, unlock doors and open rifts to alternative realities as you try to unlock the secrets of the artefact.

FORM was one of VRFocus’ favourite VR puzzle videogames of 2017 when it originally arrived on HTC Vive. Giving it a four-star review we said: “While FORM isn’t perfect, it sure comes close. Yes it’s a bit too easy, and could do with an extra hour or two of gameplay (the latter is really just a moan because you’ll just want more to play), but Charm Games has created a mesmerising experience from start to finish.”

Charm Games confirmed on Twitter that the PlayStation VR version would be released on 7th April 2020.

The studio is also working on a third VR puzzler called Trial by Teng. A fantasy adventure set within the Twilight Path universe, here you are “Trapped in the Realm of the Dead and separated from your travelling companions, earn your way back to the land of Twilight by restoring your karma.” Charm Games has yet to confirm which platforms the videogame will support or a release window.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Charm Games and its latest puzzle titles, reporting back with the latest updates.

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