Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town – Neil Romance Guide

The Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town Expansion Pass periodically adds new content, including new storylines, areas, and even additional marriage candidates. The Windswept Falls DLC pack adds a new area and includes four returning characters from Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning, including two new marriage candidates.

One of these marriage candidates is Neil, and you can woo him in the same way you’d romance any other potential love interest — increasing your friendship gauge by speaking to him every day and giving him gifts. Each time you fill a heart on his gauge, you can view a Heart Scene to further your relationship. Here are the locations for all of Neil’s Heart Scenes.

Neil’s Location and Preferences

Known Locations: Windswept Falls (accessed via the boat near your house) — Neil’s house and around Windswept Falls.

Gift Preferences:

  • Favorite: Food products made by animals (Milk, Honey, etc.)
  • Loves: Materials made by animals (Wool, fur, etc.)
  • Likes: Fodder, Grilled Fish, Tomato Juice

Any of the jewelry items sold in the General Store are always well received.

Neil’s Heart Scenes

Once you have filled each heart in your Friendship Level gauge, you can trigger a Heart Scene by going to a specific location or giving a specific item.

We don’t want to spoil the contents of each Heart Scene for you, so instead, we’ll tell you where to visit to trigger each one. Some scenes contain dialogue choices with the chance of increasing your Friendship Level further.

If you are already in the location for the scene when you fill the heart, such as already in Neil’s house, you may need to leave and then re-enter in order to trigger it, or leave Windswept Falls entirely and then re-enter. Additionally, sometimes you have to wait until the next day in order to trigger the scene or give the confession/proposal item.

One Heart

  • Location: Neil’s House
  • Time: Daytime

Two Hearts

  • Location: Outside Neil’s House
  • Time: Daytime

Three Hearts

  • Location: Dunhill’s House
  • Time: Daytime

Four Hearts

  • Location: Windswept Falls (take the left path across the bridge)
  • Time: Daytime

Five Hearts

  • Location: Outside Neil’s House
  • Time: Daytime

Six Hearts (Confession)

  • Location: Anywhere, you just need to gift him a Confession Pendant (available from the General Store)
  • Time: Anytime

Seven Hearts

  • Location: Neil’s House
  • Time: Daytime

Eight Hearts

  • Location: Your Farm (when you leave your farm)
  • Time: Daytime

Nine Hearts

  • Location: Windswept Falls
  • Time: Daytime

Ten Hearts (Proposal)

  • Location: Anywhere, you just need to gift him a Blue Feather (available from the General Store)
  • Time: Anytime

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