Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town – Laura Romance Guide

There are ten different NPCs that you can romance in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town — five bachelors and five bachelorettes. There are no restrictions when it comes to dating, so you can pursue characters of either gender regardless of your own character gender.

One of the available bachelorettes is Laura, the Olive Town tour guide. In order to marry Laura, you first need to raise your Friendship Level with her by speaking to her every day and giving her gifts. Each time a heart is filled on the Friendship gauge, you then need to view the corresponding Heart Scene by going to a specific location. Here’s everything you need to know about romancing Laura.

Laura’s Location and Preferences

Known Locations: Tourist Center near the docks or the Grocery Shop. (You can check on your map to see her exact location at any given time.)

Gift Preferences:

  • Favorite: Olive
  • Loves: Tuna, Bouquet Perfume, Blazing Waltz
  • Likes: Vegetable Juice, Marigold, Sunflower

Any of the jewelry items sold in the General Store are always well received.

Laura’s Heart Scenes

Once you have filled each heart in your Friendship Level gauge, you can trigger a Heart Scene by going to a specific location or giving a specific item.

We won’t spoil the contents of each Heart Scene for you, but just point you in the right direction. Some scenes contain dialogue choices with the chance of increasing your Friendship Level further.

If you are already in the location for the scene when you fill the heart, such as if you are already in the Grocery Shop, then you may need to leave and then re-enter in order to trigger the scene, or leave Olive Town entirely and then re-enter. Additionally, sometimes you have to wait until the next day in order to trigger the scene or give the confession/proposal item.

One Heart

  • Location: Beach
  • Time: Daytime

Two Hearts

  • Location: Olive Town Docks
  • Time: Daytime

Three Hearts

  • Location: Capeside Bistro
  • Time: Daytime

Four Hearts

  • Location: Outside the Grocery Store
  • Time: Daytime

Five Hearts

  • Location: Beach
  • Time: Daytime

Six Hearts (Confession)

  • Location: Anywhere, you just need to gift her a Confession Pendant (available from the General Store)
  • Time: Anytime

Seven Hearts

  • Location: Grocery Shop
  • Time: Daytime

Eight Hearts

  • Location: Grocery Shop
  • Time: Daytime

Nine Hearts

  • Location: Olive Town Docks
  • Time: Daytime

Ten Hearts (Proposal)

  • Location: Anywhere, you just need to gift her a Blue Feather (available from the General Store)
  • Time: Anytime

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