State of Decay 2 Juggernaut Update: Release time, Steam launch and patch notes

Today marks the launch of State of Decay 2 v2.0 if you will.

The new Juggernaut Edition of the game isn't just a repackaged version of the game with all the pre-existing content, it's also a whole makeover to the popular Microsoft zombie survival game.

"We created a brand-new open world map for players to explore in a rugged logging town named Providence Ridge, and we completely rebuilt the post-tutorial experience to better teach players the key facets of playing State of Decay 2 ." explained Wonder Russell, Undead Labs Director Of Communications.

"There’s also a new category of heavy melee weapons that reward player skill and timing, a wide range of graphical improvements (including better lighting and foliage optimization for better performance), and dodge and stealth are now split into separate commands as part of an improved control scheme."

So all in all, it's a vast improvement on the original release from May of 2018. Plus, it's also finally coming to Steam and the Epic Games Store too!

And if you already own the game you won't be left behind. Your existing version of State of Decay 2 will automatically be updated to Juggernaut Edition at no charge.

How's that for a Friday win! Have a watch of the trailer below for a better look at what Undead Labs have in store for you.

What time is State of Decay 2 Juggernaut Edition released?

First up, State of Decay 2 Juggernaut Edition is released today, Friday the 13th (March 13) on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, Windows 10, Steam, and Epic Games Store.

As for the release time, there's been no communication from Undead Labs on what time players will receive the update, nor what time it will go live on Epic Games Store.

However, on Steam there is a timer to when the game will unlock.

Currently, the timer is set to end at 3pm GMT; which is 08:00am PST / 11:00 EST.

So we can likely assume the game will become available from around 3pm this afternoon in the UK.

State of Decay Juggernaut Edition Patch Notes

For now, you can view the games latest patch notes for a rundown of ALL the changes coming to the game later today.

Follow the link above for the extensive live of patch notes, we won't post them here, they require a full page as there's that many changes and new additions.

However, we have added the 'Other Updates' patch notes, which is related more to those changes to the existing game – something that'll interest existing State of Decay 2 players.

Whenever we weren’t working on the stuff mentioned above, we pushed up our sleeves to tackle bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements wherever we could. This isn’t necessarily an exhaustive list of everything we touched, but it gives you an idea of our scope.

Gameplay Updates


  • All Plague Heart locations are now revealed early in the game in Standard and Dread Zones, to help new players understand their goals.
    • The radio command to locate a Plague Heart has been removed in those zones. It is still available in Nightmare Zones, where the Plague Hearts remain hidden.
  • All potential base locations are now revealed on the map as soon as you arrive, to offer points of interest and aid in exploration.
  • Survivors

    • The Red Talon Logistics skill now provides the benefits of Metalworking, as advertised.
    • We disallowed some contradictory trait pairings that made characters seem simultaneously elated and miserable all the time.


    • Killing a single zombie now instantly creates a moratorium on new spawns in the immediate area, and scoring a few more kills makes that no-spawning zone larger. This isn’t a new system, but it acts much more quickly than before.
      • This means you are far less likely to have new zombies spawn in inappropriate places right after you think you’ve cleared them out.
      • This also creates subtle breaks in the pacing of the game, with more intense fights punctuated by more periods of quiet.
      • We’ve also increased the size of the safe zone around your base to make it calmer for you and your allies — but only slightly, to avoid breaking sieges.

      Items and Scavenging

      • We improved the behavior of “fallback loot” to reduce the likelihood of nonsensical items dropping in fuel storage, military storage, utility boxes, and chemical storage.
      • The base chance of finding an empty container while scavenging is now 1 in 30 (where it used to be 1 in 10).
      • The descriptions of Hiking Packs no longer claim that they are “low-profile” when clearly, they are the size of a small car. (Community request from our Wishlist. )
      • Soda Can Bombs now behave like Pipe Bombs when thrown into water — their fuses are extinguished and they do not explode.

      Weapons and Mods

      • We buffed the impact value of suppressors. At close range, they now do as much damage as before Update 14. Their damage still drops off sooner at long range.
      • We also improved suppressors’ ability to reduce gunshot noise. The new differences between calibers are still there, but the average noise value is back down to where it was before Update 14.
        • For example, 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm weapons are slightly louder than before Update 14, most other calibers are about the same, and .22 caliber weapons are a bit quieter than before.
      • All muzzle brakes now add a chance for a weapon to kick straight up (or as close to straight up as that weapon allows), rather than bouncing all over the place.
        • The additional odds of this happening are +25%, +50%, and +75% for Handmade, Pro, and Advanced Brakes, respectively.
        • The Halligan Tool no longer weighs a ridiculous 1 pound. It is now 11 pounds, as intended.
        • Base and Resources

          • The prestige limit has been increased by a factor of ten, from 9999 to 99999, mostly to make room for all the bonus prestige we’re dropping on longtime supporters.
          • Red Talon Watchtowers can no longer be built at the Bridge Fort base, because this can cause AI-controlled survivors to get stuck in the too-small space between the tower and the upper floor of the bridge and behave unpredictably.
          • You can now check yourself into an Infirmary to delay the progress of Blood Plague, and the game prompts you to switch characters as part of the process.


          • When you hold the Aim button without a ranged weapon equipped, your survivor now fidgets a lot less.
          • We improved ladder-climbing cameras and interactions when playing as a female survivor.
          • We polished and improved stealth animations.


          • Options from the Accessibility section of the Settings Menu have been duplicated into the Gameplay section to make them more discoverable.

          Sheriff Missions

          • Sheriff: Stolen Meds — The mission shouldn’t drop rucksacks at the player’s feet anymore.
          • Sheriff: Stolen Meds — You won’t have to get awkwardly close before the bad guys will shoot you now! You’re welcome.
          • Sheriff: Stolen Meds — The mission should no longer prompt you to talk to dead or exiled community members in the case of their untimely demise.
          • Sheriff: Winning Allies — You won’t get stuck if you kill the infestation early.
          • Sheriff: Gone Missing — We now make sure you find the final note, whether or not your companion is alive.
          • Sheriff: Gone Missing — The mission should now have a zombie survivor even when it grabs a one-person enclave.
          • Sheriff: Gone Missing — The mission should now require the appropriate number of bad guys to be killed at the end.
          • Sheriff: Loyalty — We now make sure you’ve defeated the betrayers before completing.
          • Sheriff: Loyalty — Optional objectives to check in with your teammates should go away now when said teammates die.
          • Sheriff: Loyalty — The mission will no longer fail if you leave the assault area before the final scene.
          • Sheriff: A New Order — The final boss can no longer be killed by snipers before entering the final fight. Sorry, sniper friends, but things were breaking.

          Builder Missions

          • Builder: Pillage and Plunder — The secondary character should now wait until the coast is clear, rather than running into infested buildings.
          • Builder: Elbow Room — You can no longer switch to the secondary character and talk to yourself.
          • Builder: Elbow Room — We now prevent the Builder from asking you to move when you have already done so very recently.
          • Builder: Useful Utilities — The signal antenna should now satisfy the mission objectives.
          • Builder: Gimme the Loot — This mission is now more likely to appear.

          Trader Missions

          • Trader: A Friend in Need — The sponsor should no longer allow you to both accept and deny their request.
          • Trader: A Friend in Need — The optional objective to talk to your community member should now disappear if that community member dies.
          • Trader: Greed — Those with quick fingers can no longer grab two rucksacks.
          • The Trader enclave benefit “Assault Plague Heart” should now work, be more clear, and be fancy.

          Warlord Missions

          • Warlord: To Catch a Thief — We now have a much more robust thief that won’t break the mission if they die early.
          • Warlord: Weapons for All — The mission should now end appropriately for each terrified member of the enclave.
          • Warlord: Explosive Heart — The expert now shouldn’t go hostile if you accidentally hit them with their own bombs. They’re forgiving like that.
          • Warlord: The Informant — The bad guys shouldn’t fight you until you’re ready to rock.
          • Warlord: The Informant — The Informant should be willing to get into cars with your scary self now.
          • Warlord: Notice of Eviction — Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the NPCs to break the mission by not going hostile.

          Personal Missions

          • Action Hero: Fast Cars — The mission now acknowledges when you get to the feral site.
          • Cop Brother — The missions should no longer send you to old bases.
          • The Thing About Anthony — Your community member friend should now trust you enough to get into cars with you.

          Enclave Missions

          • The Arsehole Enclave (who demand resources from you before going hostile) can now be successfully refused.
          • The Medical Enclave (who ask you to set up a clinic with them) can now complete their arc if the surgeon dies.
          • We fixed AI inconsistencies in the Automechanics Enclave that were preventing them from being helpful during the siege.
          • The apprentice shouldn’t awkwardly rejoin the Automechanics Enclave at strange times. They also will allow you to bail on the food-finding mission before finding food and be less likely to be standing next to said food when they ask you to find it.
          • The truck should no longer be silly-close to the Automechanics Enclave’s home.
          • The Booze Enclave’s Still Life mission should now require the same number of parts, no matter if you’re kind or mean to the drunk character.
          • The Cannibal Enclave’s A Project mission now allows you to loot either site early without breaking.
          • The Zombie Trappers’ Sick mission shouldn’t have any missing VO lines now.

          Ambient Missions

          • We fixed an improper pronoun in one of the many Local Disturbance missions.
          • The ambient character trapped in a Plague Heart battle shouldn’t run away when you’re trying to talk to them after curing them.
          • The Mysterious Broadcast character who wants you to use Scentblock to rescue them should now follow you at a more appropriate point in the mission.
          • The Übermallet should no longer be masquerading as a bladed weapon for trade.
          • The NPC who wants vengeance for their murdered friend will now give you the option to change your mind.
          • The grumpy survivor who left their weapon at their former home should be in the correct location more often than not.
          • The mission to find painkillers should now update the optional search objective after finding the item, rather than after getting to the house.

          Heartland Missions

          • Welcome To Trumbull Valley — No more endless plague cures, sorry folks.
          • The Heart of the Matter — This mission should now announce that it has started appropriately, even if you’re not the sponsor at the time.
          • The Heart of the Matter — Santos should no longer give you a duplicate copy of the note if Keesha has died.
          • Neighborhood Unrest — We fixed some errant articles.
          • A Mysterious Request — The mission was mysteriously missing a period at the end of an objective. The period has been found and returned to its proper place.
          • We removed some weirdness that could cause you to see the Doctor’s Outpost enclave move all over the place on the map.
          • A Cry for Help — We removed some extra spaces to make the dialogue more pretty.
          • The Final Battle — We refined when the scene plays when approaching the fourth wall.

          Miscellaneous Mission Fixes

          • Mysterious Wandering Trader — Entering one of the decoy sites now gives you solid feedback that the Trader isn’t there, instead of leaving you to wonder.
          • Mission objectives requiring the use of a radio command (such as Independence Pack: Get a Pyro Launcher ) now badge the command on the menu to make it easier to find.
          • The community advice missions that ask you to do things like build facilities now allow you to refuse them by speaking with the sponsor.
          • Neglected enclaves are now less likely to turn hostile, especially late in the game, where it used to be a coin flip.
          • We improved how missions create enclaves to avoid blocking other key missions.
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