Stardew Valley: Every Enemy Added in 1.5

Stardew Valley is a spiraling game that recently received the version 1.5 update. The update brought with it a huge amount of new content, including a new Volcano Dungeon. The Volcano Dungeon is filled with new monsters for players to take on that drop some valuable loot. While some of the new enemies like the Tiger Slime will be familiar to veteran players, other enemies are a whole new challenge altogether.

In addition to the dungeon, there are also some updated regular enemies that are tougher to kill. These enemies are toggled on and off by an in-game switch once a player has made it to the late game features.

Dwarvish Sentry

The Dwarvish Sentry is a floating enemy that has a high chance of dropping gems when it is defeated. It has 300 HP with a base attack of 18, making it much less daunting than some types of bats. It does move rather quickly, so players will need to time their hits correctly in order to hit it.

The Dwarvish Sentry is a great way to score some extra gems when wandering through the new dungeon and isn’t generally a huge hindrance.

False Magma Cap

The False Magma Cap takes on the same role as the Rock Crab. The monster disguises itself as one of the new types of mushrooms inside of the dungeon. It waits for players to try and pick it up before it springs to life and goes on the offensive. It can’t be told apart from a regular Magma Cap and should be approached with caution.

It only has 290 HP and can easily be kept at bay by just swinging a sword to knock it back so that it won’t be able to deal much damage.

Hot Head

Hot Heads may look similar to Metal Heads, but players should be extremely cautious around this creature. Hot Heads will charge at the player in order to deal damage; while they seem easy to deal with though, they are hiding a very dangerous secret. When killed, these monsters will turn into a small explosion that can be difficult to avoid.

Players would do best to shoot the monster from afar in order to not get caught in the blast radius once they are defeated.

Lava Lurk

The Lava Lurk is an annoying monster that can be especially difficult to kill with a sword. These creatures like to swim around in lava pools, making them hard to get to. They will shoot balls of fire at the player that will need to be dodged. To kill them, a slingshot must be used, or they will need to be lured near the edge of the pool.

The creature only has 220 HP and can be a great way to get the new item dragon tooth for players that need it.

Magma Duggy

Even the Duggy enemy has found a way to make its home in the volcano dungeon. As the name suggests, this creature behaves in the same way as a normal Duggy, but it’s much tougher. It will burrow around, only popping up to attack the player, dealing around 16 damage per hit.

Unlike the normal counterparts, though, these Duggy can take a high amount of damage and have a total of 380 HP.

Magma Sprite

Magma Sprites essentially take the place of bats within the volcano dungeon. They are smaller enemies that can appear in large quantities. They deal 15 damage per hit and can team up to quickly dwindle down a player’s health. They will need to be dealt with quickly, especially when multiples spawn to ensure survival.

Every Magma Sprite has 220 HP and can easily be taken out by properly timing hits with a sword.

Magma Sparkers

Magma Sparkers are the stronger version of the Magma Sprite and work in much the same way. They can place a debuff on players and deal 15 damage per hit. Players must carefully work their way around the enemy to ensure they don’t’ get the burnt status that will slowly work away at their HP bar.

Magma Sparkers should be quickly dealt with as they can appear in groups quite easily and often team up with Magma Sprites.

Stick Bug

The Stick Bug is another annoying enemy added in to catch an unsuspecting player off guard. As the name suggests, these enemies look like regular sticks until the player gets close. Once the player is close, they will begin attacking. To avoid them proceed with caution inside the mine.

Most players can avoid going for wood at this point in the game, so it should be pretty easy to work around them.

Tiger Slime

Tiger Slimes are the new variety of Slimes that are able to stand the extreme heat of the volcano dungeon. Like all other varieties of slime, they are a weaker type of enemy that can hop towards the player in order to deal damage. They are tougher than other slimes but can easily be kept at bay with a sword.

The best strategy is to knock them into a wall or rock to quickly wither away their health without taking any damage.

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