Stadia on Google TV gets a brilliant Chromecast upgrade

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Chromecast with Google TV is the search engine giant’s latest streaming experience that’s been given an exciting new update.

Gamers interested in trying out Google Stadia, one of the newest streaming services that allows you to play AAA titles, could start seeing the service appear in the For You tab.

Instead of controlling the device via your smartphone, Chromecast with Google TV includes its own menu and streaming apps to choose from.

And it’s been confirmed that while users are watching content on the Chromecast with Google TV, the device will begin to make suggestions based on your tastes.

These appear in the For You tab, and it looks like Google Stadia is now appearing as one of those suggestions.

Another bonus from having the device is that If you do try out Google Stadia, any games that you play will be treated like boxsets and films within the Google TV interface.

This makes it possible to continue playing on Google Stadia by selecting recently played games, or by adding Stadia to Your Services page in the Settings menu.

Google Stadia got off to a rocky start back in 2019 when it first launched, with some of its leading features still in development and content limited to a group of video game experiences.

However, since it first arrived on the market, Google has made it easier to access its video game services while also bringing more titles to its library.

Stadia: Google explains how gaming platform works in 2019

The first version of Stadia on Chromecast with Google TV launched back on June 23, with the internet giant confirming these compatible devices:

Chromecast with Google TV

Hisense Android Smart TVs (U7G, U8G, U9G)

Nvidia Shield TV

Nvidia Shield TV Pro

Onn FHD Streaming Stick and UHD Streaming Device

Philips 8215, 8505, and OLED 935/805 Series Android TVs

Xiaomi MIBOX3 and MIBOX4

Google also announced news for Android TV devices, although this remains in beta for Stadia users.

Owners can opt into experimental support to play Stadia, although this new feature is still in development and not every Android TV OS device will work perfectly.

To get started, install the Stadia app from the Play Store, launch it from the “My Apps” row on your TV, and press “Continue” at the opt-in screen.

And with the latest updates now available to use on Google Stadia, more is being planned in 2021.

Google is launching a new activity feed for Stadia soon, which will host your best video captures and help friends find your game states with State Share.

The streaming service is also making it possible to explore content from other players to help you find your next game choice.

Stadia can also be accessed directly through an Android web browser rather than opening your Stadia app in the future.

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