Sony Says PS5 Will Load Games "As Easy As Netflix"

According to Kotaku journalist, Jason Schreier, Sony is claiming that the PS5 will be able to load and play games as easily as you start up a TV show on Netflix. The publisher is supposedly including this information within pitches to developers, setting up further anticipation for the next-gen console’s performance.

Schreier went on to explain that Sony hopes to create a platform where players can begin a game immediately, encouraging the possibility for shorter gaming sessions where gamers know exactly what they want to do and how much time it will take them to do it.

Essentially, the company hopes to get rid of the notion that gaming should only be done when players have a few hours to spare, and can be just as enjoyable in shorter bursts. If the PS5 can give you a seamless transition from one game to another, it could certainly help to foster this concept.

This serves as another indication of where the industry is going, as the emphasis is once again being put on accessibility in gaming and not only on the content of the games themselves. It’s beginning to sound more and more like the winner of the next generation of consoles may not be the one with the best games, but rather the best experience.

Source: TechRadar

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