Sony Confirms Horizon: Zero Dawn For PC, Set To Release This Summer

After weeks of teasing and rumors, Sony and Guerrilla have outright confirmed that Horizon: Zero Dawn will be coming to PC soon. Set for a summer 2020 release, the title originally launched on the PS4 back in 2017. The open-world monster hunting game would go on to receive critical acclaim and even receive an expansion pack titled The Frozen Wilds later in the year.

While we can’t confirm if Horizon will be heading to the Epic Games Store, a Steam store page exists for you to wishlist the title. At least people that have an aversion to Epic’s digital marketplace won’t have to worry about installing a secondary launcher to grab this. The listing also confirms that this will be the “complete edition,” so there won’t be extra DLC to purchase on top of the main game.

As for what new features this port will have, the most obvious would be higher framerates. Death Stranding, which is also launching this summer, prominently displays that on its store page as a selling point. We could probably expect to see ultra-widescreen options, too. It seems Guerrilla isn’t quite ready to give up the goose, but news of this game heading to PC is good enough for now.

Many might assume that Sony putting its exclusive titles on PC would be a deterrent from grabbing a PS4, but I’m not sure I agree with that. There are still gamers out there that don’t want to deal with upgrading components or have no desire to do anything beyond playing a game. With a console, they can just grab whatever interests them and focus on that. With a PC, sometimes you have to deal with faulty updates or troubleshoot programs and that can be a hassle.

What I see coming from this release is that Sony starts to build an audience alongside its PlayStation brand. Microsoft is priming to make the Xbox name more than just a console and Sony could potentially be doing the same with PlayStation. The main reason we’re all fascinated by this industry is not loyalty to some device, but the games that come out of it. Having those games on as many platforms as possible is simply better for everyone.

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