Sonic Unleashed Looks Like A Next-Gen Game On Xbox Series X

Over a decade later, Sonic Unleashed loses the lag and plays like a next-gen game on Xbox Series X via backwards compatibility. After the footage made its way to Twitter, Sonic fans eagerly followed up with more questions, comparing the 12-year-old game’s Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Xbox Series X performances.

Sonic Unleashed remained a divisive entry to the series over the years after launching in 2008, but the game’s frequent complaints focused mostly on clunky controls and poor optimization. It was also the title that gave us Sonic the Werehog, a werewolf-like form of the blue speedster that unfortunately suffered the most in some of Sonic Unleashed’s more laggy levels. Gripes also centered around the night-time components in Unleashed, but performance issues aside, some of the daytime stages have become fan favorites.

In addition to JMotion0’s video on Twitter, they followed up with answers to fans curious about specific changes. After trying out several cutscenes that suffered from lag on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One, there were notable improvements on the Xbox Series X that will have you breezing through levels the way they were meant to be played. Sonic Unleashed also makes use of Auto-HDR, a feature that should apply to the entire Xbox Series X backwards compatible library, but is extra appreciated in a game that did not see an Xbox One X patch like Sonic Generations.

While some fans were eager to find out if the footage was running at 60 fps, it’s worth noting that the original ran at 30 fps on Microsoft platforms. The same appears to be true here, but the trade for stability over massive frame drops in what made some situations unplayable is an upgrade.

The Xbox Series X launched this week, and with years of titles in libraries from the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, there will surely be more worth a revisit with HDR support and a powerful new console. For Sonic fans, there’s a noticeable drought in games from Sega’s iconic hedgehog, so any reason to revisit some of the classics will give you something to do while waiting for the next big title.

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