Sonic Mania – the best modern Sonic the Hedgehog – is free on Epic Games Store

They’ve just missed the 30th anniversary but Epic Games are offering Sonic Mania for free, as well fellow retro game Horizon Chase Turbo.

Thanks to the coronavirus it’s been a rather subdued 30th anniversary for Sonic the Hedgehog, made all the more cheerless as everyone is forced to remember that, actually, the majority of the games aren’t very good.

One of the few that bucks that trend is Sonic Mania, in fact it’s the best Sonic game since the Mega Drive era (as well as being one of the few not by Sonic Team, which tells you something).

Sonic Mania was instead made by a group of fans, in the style of the original 2D games, and includes both brand new stages and remade classic ones. And now it’s free to download for PC on the Epic Games Store.

Although there was a minor update called Sonic Mania Plus in 2018 there’s been no word of any more extensive follow-up, which is a shame as the first game after its release was the typically disappointing Sonic Forces.

The next new game, which was no doubt originally planned to come out in time for the anniversary, is rumoured to be an open world game called Sonic Rangers, but so far all that’s been seen of it is a teaser trailer and there’s no indication of when it’ll be released.

Also free at the moment on Epic Games Store is Horizon Chase Turbo, a homage to 80s arcade racers such as Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (well, technically that was 1990) and OutRun.

It’s a little frustrating to play in a modern context but being free helps excuse the flaws and it’s definitely worth a download.

You can get Sonic Mania for free here and Horizon Chase Turbo here. They’ll both be free until July 1 at 4pm.

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