Solve Murders As A Cat In Bright Paw For The Nintendo Switch

Murder mysteries are always fun, but solving one while playing as a cat is a new one for a lot of us. Enter Bright Paw, a murder mystery, puzzle-solving game that is now available for the Switch.

Bright Paw was published by Rogue Games, a company that has released several indie games for mobile phones and Apple Arcade—though there are others coming to consoles soon. Rogue Games seeks to create games that are, “Innovative. Unique. Stylish. Cool. Funny. Dark. Weird. Sometimes, straight-up crazy.”

Bright Paw certainly does fit the theme of dark, weird, and stylish as you embark on a journey to uncover the secret of who has murdered your owners—and why. You’ll play as the family cat, Theo, and be guided by an omnipotent narrator as you work your way through more than 70 unique levels. Each one of those levels is an escape room with unique hazards and obstacles to overcome.

Surprisingly (or maybe not) the game is named not after Theo’s intelligence and mode of locomotion, but after a fictional company called Bright Paws Industries. Inside of Bright Paws Industries various laboratories, you’ll have the opportunity to collect more than 180 hidden artifacts for a full completionist run.

The gameplay is turn-based and set on isometric maps, so you’ll have plenty of time to think of what your next move is going to be. The game was released on Steam in August and has received positive reviews so far, though they are limited, with only 20 reviews for the game. If you’re interested in getting it for the Nintendo Switch, you can do so now.

The Nintendo Switch has been dominated lately by talk of Smash Bros. Ultimate and Genshin Impact. However, the Switch has several indie games that either saw a limited release or had a limited edition version. Many of these games are being sold to collectors for well over $200. That being said, the Nintendo Switch may be the perfect platform to find and play some of the most unique (and sometimes valuable) games on the market.

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