Shantae And The Seven Sirens Sets Sail On May 28

After a brief delay back in December of last year, WayForward is almost ready to ship out Shantae and the Seven Sirens. Today, the company announced that the next pirate faring adventure would be coming to PC and consoles on May 28, 2020. If you happened to catch “Part One” on Apple Arcade, the second part is also now available.

The main benefit in grabbing this on consoles is that Seven Sirens will feature full 4K support on PC and PS4 Pro/Xbox One X. Switch users will be able to make use of portable play while also having a docked experience, though that is similar enough to what is possible on mobile devices.

When Apple started making moves to revamp mobile gaming last year, Shantae was a pretty big get. Fans were already super jazzed to play this sequel, but having it available for free was a huge way to get people buying into another subscription. The fervor has kind of died down, but at least those without a desire for mobile can play Seven Sirens soon.

I can’t say I have any interest in trying this game out with a touchscreen. I know mobile devices allow for Bluetooth controllers, but I’m still more comfortable sitting down with a console and playing. I’ll likely wait the two extra months before playing this.

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