Several BioWare Veterans Return For New Mass Effect Game

A new Mass Effect game is in the works as confirmed by a teaser trailer shown off during the recent Game Awards. We saw our blueberry Liara once more within a cryptic trailer that closed the bridge between two galaxies with the messaging that Mass Effect “will continue.” The older Liara had fans spinning with ideas about where the story will go next but the recent news of Mark Darrah and Casey Hudson’s departure still weighed heavily on minds. For those worried about the teams coming together for the future of such an iconic franchise, BioWare’s Michael Gamble did recently confirm a few returning faces specifically for this project. 

In a recent string of tweets, Gamble revealed a few Mass Effect veterans returning for the new game, including Dusty Everman, Parish Ley, Brenon Holmes, and Derek Watts. 

If some of these names don’t sound familiar, here’s a quick breakdown of who is who: 

  • Derek Watts
    • Watts is the original Art Director for the Mass Effect series 
  • Brenon Holmes
    • Holmes has worked on the entire Mass Effect trilogy, Dragon Age Inquisition and Origins, Andromeda, and more dating all the way back to Baldur’s Gate II. He’s a lifelong BioWare staple and intimately familiar with all of the evolutions this studio has undergone
    • Parish Ley