Sea Of Thieves: The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale Guide

Sea of Thieves added new content alongside the start of Season 3, and it included The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale. It is part of the crossover with The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise that will leave you dreaming of Jack Sparrow. It is the second Tall Tale of the season, meaning there are a few things you will need to complete before this will be available to you.

This walkthrough will help you solve all of the puzzles, find the journals, and help navigate through each of the areas. You won’t have to repeat the Sunken Pearl Tall Tale as you earn all of your commendations in Sea of Thieves during the first playthrough.

Finish “A Pirate’s Life” Tall Tale

Before you can start out on this journey you must first complete the Tall Tale called A Pirate’s Life. It begins by talking to the Castaway at any of the outposts, and once you have completed it, you can begin this second Tall Tale the same way.

Once you have spoken to The Castaway for a second time, there is a blue shell with a pearl in front of it to the right on the wall and you must interact with it to start. A small box with the name of this Tall Tale and a description will appear above it so you can’t miss it.

Sail To The Blue Light

Once the Tall Tale has begun you will see a blue light in the Southwest corner of the map, which is where you need to sail for it to officially begin.

Some compare it to the light that often appears above a Reaper’s Chest, but once you approach it your objective will become clear. Just make sure you use these tips and tricks to avoid sinking on your way.

Dive Into The Water Below

After you reach the correct spot on the map, then you will need to dive into the water. There will be a trail of wreckage that leads you to the Sunken Pearl and all you have to do is swim to each of these pieces to follow the trail.

You will see some might have bubbles coming off them, and sitting in the bubbles will refill your air supply if you happen to be low on oxygen.

Make Your Way Through The Ship

You will eventually come across the Black Pearl and you will need to enter inside of it. There will be an opening on the top right in front of the wheel and it will take you down a set of stairs.

Now that you are inside you will need to make your way through the different rooms and interact with the debris to move it out of the way. You will have to move a crate to access a new room, then a plank to allow the cannon to slide.

Grab The Black Pearl Key

When you enter the room following the cannon you will see a claw covered in blue barnacles. You need to approach it and then interact with it in order to grab the key. This will give you access to the Captain’s Quarters.

The next step is to swim back up to the top of the ship by going back through the rooms as this is where the Captain’s Quarters are located.

Unlock The Captain’s Quarters And Grab Jack’s Compass

The Captain’s Quarters is located on the top level of the ship and it identifiable by a set of double doors with two statues on either side of it. Once it is unlocked the doors will open and you will see Jack’s Compass sitting on the table.

Swim inside and grab the compass to start the next leg of the Tall Tale, as well as give yourself a few ideas for your own ship’s customization.

Swim Into The Cave Off The Right Side Of The Ship

Jack’s Compass will lead you to where you need to go, and it will point you to a cave just off the right side of the ship if you are coming from the Captain’s Quarters. You will need to swim into this in order to start the section of the Tall Tale called Strange Awakenings.

You need to make your way through the underwater cave until you reach an air pocket where your feet will once again hit land. Don’t worry about oxygen as there are plenty of spots to refill it with the bubbles along the way.

Hit The Glowing Blue Plant And Make Your Way To The Room With The Siren Statue

After you hit land you are given the option to head back to your ship, or you can continue on your journey. You will also see a glowing blue plant that you want to hit with your sword as this will open up the next area for you to explore.

When you are ready you can jump into the next waterway and make your way to a room with a siren statue in the center.

Defeat The Enemies And Place The Siren Heart

A bunch of enemies will spawn after you enter the siren room and you will need to defeat them all. The blue enemies have a bit of speed to them so keep this in mind when battling it out.

After the last opponent has been defeated they will drop a gem called the Siren Heart. This will need to be placed into the corresponding siren statue which is on the outskirts of the room. It will have a small indent in its chest which is where the Siren Heart will go.

Some like to dive right into the puzzles, but others prefer to uncover the journals along the way. The first journal is in the room on the opposite wall from where you entered behind the broken wood and it will put you one step closer to completing all the commendations.

Move The Sirens’ Arms Into Position

You will notice a picture on the wall depicting four sirens with their arms in different positions. They correspond to the sirens around the room and you must move each siren’s arm to correspond with its picture.

Each siren has its own identifying feature, so for example one has a gem in its hand and another has a chain. You can move their arms by hitting the statue with your sword or gun until it is in the correct position.

Shoot The Statue In The Middle Of The Room

Once all of their arms are in the correct position you can shoot the statue in the middle of the room to complete the puzzle, and it will cause the room to fill with water. This will take you to the next siren puzzle where you once again must move their arms into the correct position.

Complete The Second Siren Puzzle, Then Jump On The Geyser

You will be prompted to complete another siren puzzle based on a different picture. Just jump down into the water and when their arms are positioned just shoot the middle statue once again.

After this is done a geyser will appear on the dry level and it will shoot you up to the next section of the cave.

Fight The Enemies And Then Place The Siren Heart

You will once again face off against several opponents and one of them will drop a second Siren Heart. Place the gem in the statue that is missing one and then move onto the next siren puzzle.

Complete The Next Siren Puzzle

You will be tasked with completing another siren puzzle based on the picture on the wall. However, some players have a hard time finding the last siren and it is because it is on a ledge.

You can shoot it with your gun to move its arm, and then shoot the siren with the conch shell to complete the puzzle. The room will once again fill with water, and you can nab the second journal on the rock above the siren that was on the upper ledge.

Pick Up A Trident, Defeat The Sirens, And Place The Siren Heart

You will now enter the second area and you will be prompted to pick up a Trident, as you will have to fight in the water, which can’t be sold for money. Once you enter the area you need to take down the Sirens in your path and then pick up the Siren Heart that they drop.

Place the siren heart in the corresponding statue, which can be found near the seabed in front of a giant stone door.

Complete The Siren Puzzle And Open The Door

The door that the siren statue is next to will have two sirens on its front, and you must move the arms of the two statues on either side of the door. Once this is done you need to swim to the upper left of the door where a Siren statue will be holding a conch, and you need to hit it in order to open it.

Once it is opened you will begin the next leg of the quest called the Siren Citadel. You can also retrieve the third journal off the broken hull of the ship right inside the entrance.

Swim Up And To The Left Of The Cave, Then Complete The Next Siren Puzzle

You will need to swim up to the left and follow the narrow passageways until you reach the next room. There will be another siren puzzle that is pretty straightforward, and you can shoot the siren with conch through the rafters in the ceiling.

Defeat The Spawned Enemies

The room’s water level will now lower and a bunch of enemies will spawn who you are tasked with killing, but they are not some of the hardest in the game. Once this is done you can interact with the pulley to open the door and move onto the next area.

However, before you pull it you should look to the right of the door where there will be a hole filled with water. Jump into this and swim down to the broken hull as this is where you will find the next journal.

Pull The Pulley And Ride The Shipwreck

When you enter through the door and into the next room you will see a pulley. You need to interact with this to lower the shipwreck. After it reaches the ground you need to hop onto it so it can take you up to the next level, which will be a rock path.

The final journal can be found by following this path and entering the Captain’s Quarters section of the wreck. It will be sitting on some boxes once you drop down inside of it.

Next, you need to continue on the path until you reach the next siren puzzle which will be drawn onto the wall.

Solve The Siren Puzzle

This siren puzzle requires you to use your gun as you must shoot the statues through the cracks. Once they are all lined up correctly you need to go back to the room with the shipwreck and shoot the siren with the conch shell which is on a platform near the ceiling.

Climb The Ladder And Pick Up The Key

The room will fill up with water after you shoot the siren statue, which will give you access to a ladder to reach the next platform. Climb this and then continue onto the suspended platform that leads into a red-tinted cave. It is here you will find the Silver Blade Key that will give you access to the final room.

Once this is done you can activate the pulley and follow the path to the next cave, but be careful not to fall through the holes in the floor.

Fight The Enemies Who Appear

After you make your way to the final area climb up onto the ship to trigger the next battle. However, make sure to put the key somewhere safe so you don’t lose it during the fight. A lot of players recommend placing it in front of the door on the ship that it unlocks so you know right where to find it.

Next, a bunch of enemies will appear including a boss battle where you fight against the Kraken, which is an easy fight for those who have defeated Captain Grimm. Just use your pistol to take down the opponents on the ship and then utilize the cannons to shoot the Kraken.

Collect The Chest Of Everlasting Sorrow

Finally, you can open the Captain’s Quarters and collect The Chest of Everlasting Sorrow. You will need to carry it up the ladder and through the caves until you reach another door, which the chest will open automatically.

Read The Inscriptions And Defeat The Final Boss

After you enter the room you will need to read all of the inscriptions on the rocks in order to reopen the door and head to the final boss fight. You will be fighting the Siren Queen and the Trident will be the best weapon you can use.

Hopefully, your game doesn’t crash as you are one step away from completing the entire tall tale.

Destroy The Statues And Hand Gibbs Jack’s Compass

You will now enter the final room where you will see cursed statues on the other side of a broken wall. Take out your gun and shoot them in order to release their prisoners, then Gibbs will beckon you to come over.

Finally, hand him Jack’s Compass and the Tall Tale will be complete.

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