Scarlet Nexus Might Be Coming To Xbox Game Pass On Day One

Scarlet Nexus could be coming to Xbox Game Pass on its launch day, according to GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb.

Grubb appeared on the XboxEra Podcast, where he discussed Microsoft’s plans to do with Game Pass. In that discussion he mentioned Scarlet Nexus, the upcoming anime RPG, and said “I think that’s a Game Pass day one game, is what I heard”.

Grubb continued on the potential acquisition by saying, “Scarlet Nexus might be on the tier down where it’s like, Microsoft is probably going to give you quite a bit of money to get this cool anime game that people seem to like, and it’s probably more than you’ll get otherwise, and you’re still going to get sales because we see that these games still sell. So I think they might have secured this one, yeah.”

Scarlet Nexus is releasing for all consoles later in June, so Microsoft is likely to announce it as part of their E3 Xbox Showcase. Scarlet Nexus was originally revealed at the Xbox Series reveal event, so it actually isn’t too far-fetched to believe that there might be a partnership once more. Grubb’s wording here makes it sound pretty concrete of a deal, so we should be hearing about it over the next week or so, alongside any other Xbox Game Pass news that might come out.

It’s not too dissimilar to what happened with Square Enix’s Outriders, which also launched day one on Xbox Game Pass. Grubb even mentioned Outriders when discussing Scarlet Nexus coming to the service. He said, “The Outriders deal probably got made a couple of weeks before we heard about it, maybe even a week before we heard about it… and we heard about it, what, a month before it came out? Or a couple of weeks before it came out.”

Another big third-party day-one launch for Xbox Game Pass was MLB The Show 21, which made a big stir considering it’s handled by PlayStation but became a part of an Xbox subscription service.

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