Rust: How To Play The Acoustic Guitar

The Acoustic Guitar is a fun item in Rust that can be used to play music, even if it is pretty terribly out of tune. It can be found (rarely) scattered around the world, or crafted with some wood and cloth.

Although you won’t be starting the next hit band in Rust, the Acoustic Guitar is a fun way to pass the time with your friends, especially seeing as the game has just arrived on consoles. This short guide covers how to get the guitar and how to play it.

How To Get The Acoustic Guitar

Before you can play the Acoustic Guitar, you will need to actually get your hands on it. It’s a very rare drop from:

  • Primitive Crates – The guitar has a five percent chance to drop in a Primitive Crate. These are the most common crate in Rust, found all over the place. Still, it’s a small chance of finding one.
  • Tunnel Dweller – These guys are the tough NPCs that spawn in the tunnel systems under the map. Probably not worth taking these guys on to farm the two percent chance they have of dropping a Guitar.
  • Barrels – The Guitar has a massive ONE percent chance to spawn from barrels — it’s probably not going to be how you get an Acoustic Guitar, but you never know.

How To Craft The Acoustic Guitar

The way more reliable method of getting the Guitar is to craft it. Sort of. It’s not on the list of most important resources in the game, that’s for sure. You need:

  • The Acoustic Guitar Blueprint
  • 100 Wood
  • 10 Cloth

The only problem is that to make the Acoustic Guitar blueprint, you will need to find a Guitar first. Hopefully, someone, somewhere on the server has found one already. Sharing is caring in Rust. If you find any friendly players, that is.

How To Play The Acoustic Guitar

So, you’ve got the Acoustic Guitar. Now you want to start a band or use the Guitar to terrify your enemies with war ballads and marching tunes. Turns out, the Acoustic Guitar is basically impossible to play. Well, you can hit random notes, but actually playing a song is a lot of work.

Here are some tips:

  • On PC, right-click to play a single note, and left-click to play a whole chord.
  • Look up to play a higher note, look down to play a lower note.
  • The guitar is out of tune, so if it sounds bad, it’s not really your fault.
  • Figuring out the notes is actually a lot of work. You’ll need to use a separate tuning tool if you want to get serious with it.

Most people use the Acoustic Guitar to mess around with. Only a couple of people have gone to the lengths necessary to make the guitar sound good (with external tools and tuning gear.)

Remember, there are a bunch of other instruments in Rust, like the Canbourine, Junkyard Drum Kit, and the Shovel Bass. Put them all together, and sometimes, just sometimes, you can make something sound alright.

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